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Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning has been serving Phoenix Arizona for over 52 years with the finest Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener Systems in the valley.

Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning is the oldest continuously owned water treatment company in Arizona. Rayne Water Conditioning has installed and serviced and maintained the water equipment for over 100,000 clients in Arizona. We perform over 300 new installations in Arizona each month. Rayne has 7 locations in Arizona (Phoenix, North Valley,  Kingman, Flagstaff, Lake Havasu, Bull Head City and Mesa/Tempe). We provide both Residential and Commercial Water Treatment solutions. If you have a question about water purification or water softener equipment and water softener units and whole house no salt water conditioning – we have the answers. Rayne Water Conditioning has been serving fantastic water in Phoenix Arizona since 1950. Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning has been located in the same building for over 52 years. We have had the same phone number and same owners for over 52 years. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call (480) 969-7251 and ask for Hayden Boyett, General Manager anytime. It is likely I will answer the phone when you call (I answer the phone between 8 am and 5 pm). Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. My family is very proud to represent Rayne Water Conditioning; we have been a Rayne Water Conditioning dealer all 52 years +. We feel our clients receive the best value when they choose Rayne. Rayne is the oldest water treatment equipment manufacturer in the world (since 1928). As a national franchise, we are allowed to build the water treatment equipment that best meets your needs. We manufacture all of our equipment in Mesa, Arizona. We are very conscious to utilize as many raw materials from America (as possible). The same people that build your equipment will be the same people who install your equipment, service your equipment and maintain your equipment. Our service technicians develop relationships with our clients. You will see the same people visit your home each year. Tom has worked in our family business for over 30 years; Johnny has worked in our business over 10 years. Our company promotes from within so our employees have an incentive to stick around. These are the people you will see face to face – year after year. Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning specializes in Portable Exchange Tank Soft Water Delivery Service in Arizona. This is the most convenient way; and affordable way to receive rental soft water service!

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What makes Rayne Water Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis and Water Softeners the best choice?

We have a unique concept to attract customers: give good service and your business will grow. Our business has grown over the last 52 years. Each of our clients is very important. We feel that our clients are the business. We work for you. You are OUR boss. Because of these guiding principles Rayne Water Conditioning has provided Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis installation, replacement, repair, parts, filter changes and maintenance including general plumbing/solar parts and repair to over 100,000 clients in the Phoenix Metro Area and Arizona. Because we have seven offices in Arizona, we can give you fast service. These are the areas in which Rayne Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment and Water Purification provide our services: Apache Junction, Avondale, Buckeye, Carefree, Casa Grande, Cave Creek, Coolidge, El Mirage, Florence, Fountain Hills, Gila Bend, Gilbert, Glendale, Gold Canyon Ranch, Goodyear, Johnson Ranch, Laveen, Lehi, Litchfield Park, Maricopa 85239, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Queen Creek, San Tan Village, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Stanfield, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise, Tempe, Tolleson, Wickenburg, Youngtown, Yuma, Northern Arizona, Bull Head City, Lake Havasue and Kingman. There are over 60 other Rayne Soft Water and Water Softener dealers in the United States and Mexico which will give you the same great level of service and quality. If you buy or rent our water treatment equipment, soft water service or reverse osmosis equipment you can take it with you to your new home. We will make sure that you receive the same level of service wherever you move.


All municipalities are adding high levels of chlorine to our water supply. They add the chlorine to make our water safe. This is a good thing. However, the high levels of chlorine are not good for your health. Chlorine is a toxin. Chlorine will cause cancer. For health reasons it is a good idea to remove the chlorine before it comes into your home. There are also some aesthetic advantages to your skin and your household products and fixtures. Chlorine may cause the O Rings in your faucet to wear out faster. If your O Rings wear out – you will have a leak and possibly flood your entire home. If you bathe in chlorine you also may be breathing toxic fumes: Trihalomethanes. The high levels of chlorine also cause the cation resin to disintegrate. Therefore, the water softener media (cation resin) is not lasting the same length of time. Between 5 to 8 years all the resin will disintegrated. Bad things can occur when the resin disintegrates. Low water pressure, clogged up toilets, plugged shower heads, no water to the clothes washer, resin in the dishwasher. It can be very tumultuous. We receive 2 to 3 calls every week. We know what a pain this is because we go out and spend 2 to 4 hours cleaning out the pipes. If you hire a plumber to clean out the resin the fee for service can be as high as $1,500.00. We have heard cases that a plumber took advantage and charged several thousand dollars. If you ever notice low water pressure in your home, call us immediately. Do not use any water using appliance. If you do the consequences can be very costly. We invented a procedure that will stop the resin.  We call it the The Boyett Family ResinScreenTM. We include this invention with all our installations. You will never be inconvenienced by our equipment.


Our Cation Resin filter media Softens the Water and removes the Chlorine.

50% Chlorine free water, this is the result. Rayne Water Conditioning Water Treatment Equipment not only Softens the water; It removes 50% of the chlorine as well. The Softening media ( Cation Resin must be changed every 5 years. If you do not replenish the resin material, the quality of soft water will diminish.


To keep the water at A+ you must change (replace) the cation resin every 5 years. If you rent a water softener and a whole house conditioner we provide this service free of charge. In our opinion it is best to rent the water softener and reverse osmosis units. When you rent the water equipment, the maintenance is on our shoulders. If you ever have any questions or concerns we are just a phone call away. If you have any leaks or service issues we will take care of all problems free of charge. We respond fast and we are very dependable and responsible. We clean up after our work. Our technicians are courteous and professional. All of our technicians drive company trucks and wear clean and neat uniforms. All of our trucks are radio dispatched with GPS. Please read our testimonies on Google Maps. These are real customers who made comments about our company.


Increased Risk in Elderly fom Tap Water Consumption

US EPA’s TCLP Test Fails to Predict the Leaching Risk of Water Treatment Arsenic Residuals


What makes Rayne Water Softeners different?


We do not have to charge you large dollars. We have a low advertising budget. The only marketing investment we have is our web page. Hayden Boyett maintains our web page. Because our advertising budget is low – this saves you money. Our most effective method of advertising is word of mouth. We pay you $50.00 for each year round customer in which you refer (who takes our service). You are our sales department. It is our clients who build our business. Our field technicians are not only talented workmen; they can answer technical questions about any of our products and installation methods. Our technicians also are fully informed of our company pricing. They can quote parts, service, installation, equipment upgrade or replacement and repair fees. We deploy frugal and adroit business practices to save you money. We are a debt free company-we own all of our vehicles (13 heavy-duty diesel trucks and customer service vehicles). We own all of our plant and equipment including our 6,000 square feet factory and office building. If we have to bring your equipment back to our factory (to repair); we have the correct tools, professional technicians and facilities (to get the job done right ‘obeying all the laws’). This saves you money, we don’t have to pay rent. We charge you less. Rayne Water Conditioning is growing in Arizona. We hire high ethic and highly committed employees. We hire only the finest craftsmen and tradesmen in the industry. Because of our impeccable reputation we have tradesmen and craftsmen that seek our employment. At our Mesa/Tempe dealership we have 13 Technicians ready to assist you (Hayden, Troy, Tom, Francisco, Johnny, Angel, Dan, Henry, Greg, Joshua, Benjamin and Poncho). Our great customer service professional is Carol. The finest in the industry; Really! Each person is very talented at many activities. We promote from within. Our Service Manager (Troy Phillips) started delivering Portable Exchange Soft Water tanks over 28 years ago. Now Troy runs our service department. When you invest in our company, every single penny stays in our local community. We are not a corporation – jointly owned by a Chinese subsidiary based in Australia, India and Sri Lanka. We are owned by third generation native Phoenicians. My mother’s maiden name is Hayden. Hayden Road was the road leading to her farm on Hayden and Oak Street, Scottsdale Arizona. Her family were the third settlers of Scottsdale. My mother wass part of a 8 member family farming operation located in Buckeye Arizona. The name of her farm was Hayden Farms. The 8 members of this farm are all brothers and sisters. The Hayden’s Farmed alphalfa, Cotton, Wheat, Barley and they had some cool tractors. On Hayden Farm you could see the very first tractor that Wilford Hayden bought to plow the fields on their 680 acre farm located near Eldorado Park in Scottsdale Arizona. We have a large investment in the Phoenix Metro Area. We also have a large investment in making sure Rayne Water Conditioning continues to lead our valley in Water Treatment, Water Purification, Water Filtration, Water Softening, Reverse Osmosis, High Purity, Water Recycling. We will always be here to help you and we will always be looking for ways to make our relationship with you more secure and our relationship with our community stronger and healthier. We are looking forward to being very involved in civic activities.

12.06.17 1:15 PM

We have begun a mentorship training program in our company to train our route technicians and our installation and service technicians.

This is the first certificate we awarded to Joshua.

When our technicians complete their training they receive a certificate of achievement.

Our goal is to have each of our service and installation technicians train with three different technicians ‘for one month each – a total of three months’.

This is the accomplishment that I am most proud of our company.

It has taken us 52 years to achieve this level of training and mentorship.  I think this will help sustain us for at least 15 years.

We feel that when people invest in our company you not only invest in our products and services; you also make an investment in our legacy, people and our unique processes and designs.  The craft and skill that is subscribed when installing, servicing, maintaining and administering water treatment equipment has a great impact on the end result.

Therefore, with this new mentor training program; we feel that we will raise the standard of our industry, aggrandize our client relationships and lower the cost of water treatment for our customers.

As a result of our great customer service – most of our soft water and reverse osmosis Gilbert, AZ sales come from referrals. Our satisfied customers refer Rayne Water Softener at least 150 soft water, San Tan Valley, AZ clients a month in Arizona. We offer a $50.00 referral fee for year round customers. We don’t have to charge a sales commission. This helps us to keep the service fee and equipment fee low for the reverse osmosis, Chandler AZ. Most of our sales are made over the phone by our Service Manager (Troy Phillips) (480) 969-7251 or (Hayden Boyett) Cell (602) 291-4157. We will take calls any time of the day or night. We are available to answer questions on the weekend. We are available to meet with you for preplumbing inspections on the weekend. Troy even went out to give information on Easter. Troy Phillips has been with Boyett Family Rayne Water Softeners, soft water and Reverse Osmosis Units, San Tan Valley (85143) for over 28 years. Hayden Boyett has been involved with this business all of his life. The Boyett Family is the third owner’s of Rayne of Mesa/Tempe. The first owners were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmidt 1962 and Bob Faulk 1963. The Boyett Family acquired the firm December 1966. We have had the same phone number all these years. We have been in the same factory (6,000 square feet).  We are a debt free company.  If you have an emergency, we have the capability to respond.


Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning is the oldest continuously owned Water Treatment, Water Softener, Soft Water, Water Conditioning and Reverse Osmosis, Gilbert AZ company in Arizona. Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning Reverse Osmosis, Chandler AZ may be the oldest continuous owned water treatment company to treat our Southwest Water. Rayne Water Conditioning is the oldest residential water treatment softwater reverse osmosis company in the World.


Soft Water runs in the Boyett Family’s Veins:

Mesa Tribune News paper article


How do you get a water treatment relationship that will last for 68 years?

Rayne Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis Units opened in 1950 (Rayne of Phoenix). Many of the family’s we installed in 1950 are still working with Rayne today. It is good equipment. Rayne Water Conditioning Soft Water Reverse Osmosis is a good investment. It is also professionally installed. We do not pressure anyone into buying now. It is our philosophy to give our clients all the information they need to make an informed decision. Does your home have a soft water equipment LOOP? What is a water softener loop? A loop is the required plumbing connection for the Soft Water Unit. We are happy to stop by for a site inspection. Our trucks are GPS equipped – we can quickly and conveniently route one of our service trucks to stop by and give you an installation quotation very quickly. The person whom stops by your house will be a professional installer. We try to have our technicians stop by as many of our installations as is possible (for a pre installation site inspection). We want to bring the right tools and materials the day of the installation so we won’t make an extra trip. We want to perform our work right the first time. Every aspect of our client contact is very professional.

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You can text message me any time: (602) 291-4157


Is the water harder in Phoenix Arizona?

Arizona has the hardest water. When you take a shower you better keep your eyes closed. We have performed chlorine tests which are higher than swimming pools. Chlorine can cause toxic fumes in hot shower water. Chlorine is not good. Our Water Treatment Equipment removes Chlorine. Our Water Conditioning Equipment and reverse osmosis equipment provides Chlorine Free Water.


Because the water is so hard in Arizona the light weight water softeners sold at appliance stores such as (Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Spencer’s and Maytag Stores) will not effectively give you A+ soft water. The United States Geological Survey (USGS)*says 89.3% of US homes have hard water. In the Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona the water is the hardest in the nation. When we first started our company in December of 1966 the hardest water was 8 grains hard. Now the hardness in most areas of the valley is at least 15 grains hard. Folks, no matter how you slice it, that is some hard water. Heavy units cost a lot of money to ship. The appliance stores sell a lite weight unit. You need a heavy weight unit with lots of soft water media (at least a 64,000 grain unit). Some of our large residential customers are choosing 80,000 grain heavy units. Some large custom homes require water treatment equipment which is even larger and much heavier. When you buy a light weight water softener you will get a small amount of resin (many times you will receive only 45,000 grains). According to data -which we have recently received, a residential water softener should not be smaller than 64,000 grains. We build our own heavy units – we save you money in shipping costs. We build, deliver and install the equipment. Everything is included in our reasonable price. Which unit does Rayne Water recommend?

What is the main ingredient in water softeners?

Cation Resin


Does Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning manufacture their own Rental Water Softener, Soft Water, Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment in Arizona?

We deliver the equipment and perform the installation. This is a one stop shop. There is no middle man. There is no other person. We are the person. When you call we have many people that go to work for you. We are not a one, two or three man show. We do not work out of our houses and garages. We have professional offices and warehouses. We are a manufacturing facility. We build the equipment; deliver the equipment; install the equipment and service the equipment. We are an effective and efficient organization with many years of experience. We utilize adroit business techniques which we have learned from large successful organizations like Google (communications and technology) and Wal-Mart (transportation and distribution). We also utilize our college degrees in corporate finance; education and home economics to give our client’s the highest value and the greatest return on your investment. Rayne Water Conditioning has many employees, many resources and many trusted parts and equipment suppliers that make us the best choice for your water treatment solution. We have a great reputation. We are the whole Enchilada – And it is good.


Does Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning work on all brands of residential and commercial water treatment equipment?

We work on all brands of water treatment equipment. This is a list of water softeners, soft water units, reverse osmosis units, water filters, ultra violet lights in which we consider ourselves experts :

Pacific Water Conditioning (water softeners and alkalinity reverse osmosis), American Home Water (The Pro Health System, Big Blue Water Filtration, The Patriot, The President, All in One, Dual Media Tank System, Whole House No Salt or Potassium System) 3M water filter CFS9112-S, CWS150ME Aqua-Pure CWS Series Water Softener System PART#: CWS150ME, Watts water pressure 500003, Easywater, Rayne, Arizona Discount Water, Southwest Water, Sof Tek, Aridzona Water Filtration, King Soft Water, Nimbus, Nimbus Reverse Osmosis, Brady Pure, Brady Pure Water, Premier, Micro-line, Easy Water, H2O Concepts, Water Concepts, Budget Water, DuraStill, Water Tech, Water Tec, Osmonics, Autotrol, Costless, Rain Soft, Whirlpool WHES 30 motor 7286039, WHES 40, Whirlpool Water Purifier 7228536, , Kenmore (series 350, series 370), Kenmore 38420 Ultra High Efficiency, Kenmore 38350 Extra High Efficiency, Kenmore 38300 High Efficiency, SEARS/KENMORE 7278434, SEARS O RING 7170288, SHUT OFF VALVE ASSEMBLY 7229532, 7250876, 625385560, Maytag,GE(WS03X10025,WS60X10004, GEGXSH45V,GXSF30V), General Electric, GE RO WS15X10050, Home Depot, Sears (7214317, 7172882, 7173016, 7214155, 7175238, 42-3437, 0502206,7268617) Kinetico, Quad, Maricopa Water Processing, Eco Water, All About Water, Culligan, Aqua Sensor, Pristine Water, Pristene Water, Technetic, Ultima, Ultima Products, Spencer’s, Purtec, Pure Tec, Pure Tech, Envirotech, Water Factory, Nimbus, Pentair, Fleck (40563-01), Fleck 5600 (Part # 14105), Fleck 6700, Fleck 7000, Econominder, Clack, Erie, Bruner, Lowe’s, Klean Plus, Kleen Plus, Costco, Costless, Cornerstone, Ameriflow, Spencer’s, Bishop Installation, Morton, Water Resources, National Hydro, SQC 3, SQC 4, Water Factory RO TANK APRO-SP-56-18-125, Cuno, BR Industries, B and R Industries (BR -010540), R and M Manufacturing, Pure Tel, Wholesale Water Conditioning Parts, CIW, MCL, Maximum Contaminent Level, Maytag, The Home Store, Home Depot, Home Improvement Site, Watts, Wal-Mart, SHURflo water pumps (8005-733-155), AQUA JET VARIABLE SPEED PUMP FOR REVERSE OSMOSIS MODEL NUMBER 5853GB12-V81D and many more. We also carry pocket TDS meters in stock.  We carry Hach hard water test kits in stock.  We carry digital Ph meters.  We think it is important to become experts on all water equipment. When we have an opportunity to solve a water problem, it is our intention to build a long term relationship. Many of the customers Brian Boyett (founder) met referred their kids who referred their kids. Wow – this is three generations of family clients in which we have the honor to work. Troy told me about a client that was purchasing their 7th unit from our company. This same client has referred 3 other clients to our business. When we begin a relationship today; we immediately begin working on the 2nd and 3rd generations. Our founders (Brian and Robert Boyett) taught us an important principle: Begin with the end in mind. Today we utilize this principle to run our company. When we begin a relationship it is our expectation that this relationship will last forever; we desire to have the opportunity to work with the entire family; we hope to have the opportunity to earn your trust. We put our best foot forward all the time.

Whichever brand of water equipment or filters you have – we can take good care of this equipment. We specialize in service, maintenance and repair on all water equipment. We are experts in Reverse Osmosis filter changes Queen Creek AZ; Tempe, AZ and sanitation of all RO equipment. It is important to have your water equipment maintained by a qualified Water Treatment Phx AZ Company. Call us right now to talk to us (480) 969-7251. We are available 24/7. We transfer the phones to a professional answering service when our office is closed. Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 5 PM. If you call – Troy, Carol or Hayden will answer; if you call after hours a real live person from a locally owned professional answering service will answer your call. After hours – our call center is located in Phoenix Arizona; not overseas. If you have an emergency, one of our service technicians stays up all night waiting to help. If you want to talk to Hayden Boyett; please do not hesitate to call; Hayden’s Cell: (602) 291-4157 Office (480) 969-7251. We are here to serve you. We have spent many years making clients happy and satisfied. It will be our pleasure to help you with all of your water treatment needs. Please let us know if we can help you with any of the water in your life. Since our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM – 5 PM; we try to perform all of our work during these hours; however, we do perform early morning installation and service calls. Since all of our technicians have families – I give everybody the weekend off (except me). I enjoy meeting with clients on Saturday and Sunday. If you want me to stop by any time – please give me a call. When you call us during business hours (most of the time) we will answer the phone on the first ring. We have had customers say (they didn’t even hear the completion of the first ring and we had already picked up the phone). We follow the golden rule of business (Treat our customers the way we would like to be treated). We seek to patronize our client’s place of work. When we visit our client’s businesses (as a customer) we are always impressed to find the same great level of service which we provide from our water treatment, soft water and reverse osmosis company. Recently the owner of Rigatony’s called for service at his new restaurant. Mike Lopercio told me that we have done a decent job of taking care of his water softener and reverse osmosis service Tempe, AZ at his house; so he gave us the opportunity to provide the soft water Tempe, AZ service at his new restaurant. To return the favor I stopped by to eat dinner. This restaurant is so great; I have been back to eat 5 times since my initial visit.


Is it necessary to utilize special chlorine tolerant resins in the Phoenix Arizona area?

Because the water is so high in chlorine – special chlorine tolerant resins must be employed.

Even if you employ heavy-duty resins you must change the resin upon a certain frequency to enjoy sustainable soft water. We use to install a water softener system and not hear from our client for 20 to 30 years. What has changed? The water is harder and contains much more chlorine. The resin is a filter. You have to change filters (just like the oil filter in your car). A water softener can last a really long time; however you must give the unit the proper maintenance in order for it to provide quality water. We are discovering the tipping point for soft water media is 5 years. If you want A+ water you need to change, replace, replenish, recondition, and clean your cation resin soft water media every 5 years. Most people whom purchase their water equipment wait for the resin to disintegrate. It is for this reason that renting a water softener for 99 cents a day makes sense. Economically renting makes financial sense.

Here is how the rental program works:

1. We will be happy to stop by for a site inspection at no cost or obligation

2. There is a minimum of $75 connection fee. The fee may increase due to extra work. That’s why we like to stop by to give you an accurate estimate.

3. We install reconditioned (Water Softener and/or Reverse Osmosis Units). The equipment is like new. Francisco and Johnny work very hard sanitizing, changing, upgrading all the components. They replace all the filters and the filter media in these units.

4. Every Reverse Osmosis unit we install receives a leak control device.

5. We change the RO unit out every year/ We change the Water Softener every 5 years (at no cost)

6. You can cancel at any time. You can also transfer the service to new owners or renters

7. We have automatic bill pay available – we process these transactions on the 15th of the month

8. We send our statements by e-mail. You can click and pay

9. If you ever need anything, you call, we go

Click here to schedule an installation of a Rental Soft Water and/ or a Rental Reverse Osmosis Purified Drinking Water System we do all the work for you.

Live chat 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Sunday:

Is it true that your rental water treatment program continues to grow in popularity?

Yes…Take a look at our Google testimonies.  Many of our long term customers are changing to the rental program because this investment provides a 100% money back guarantee and a great return on your investment.

The dollar for dollar return is easy to see when at 99 cents a day this fabulous product continues to endure in our cleaning traditions. For beauty and good housekeeping methods, quality built soft water and reverse osmosis equipment are worth their weight in gold.


How long has Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning been installing residential and commercial water conditioning equipment and water treatment equipment here in Phoenix Metro Arizona,Chandler, Gilbert?

For over 50 years. We have developed a respected reputation in the valley because of our low prices, our quality, our excellent service, our dependability, our integrity and our community service. We do not use sub contractors. We have 10 highly trained technicians which will perform all of the work. Many of our technicians have been with our firm for over 5 years. Troy has been with our company for over 21 years. Brett has been with Boyett Family Pure Water Solutions over 10 years. Tom Sisson has been with our firm over 24 years.  We have installed water equipment for T.W Lewis home building company when Tom Lewis owned this company. Not long ago we heard, from another Arizona home builder, that the entire home building industry was influenced by T.W Lewis building decisions. Tom Lewis has set quality and manufacturing trends in Arizona home building.  We have had the opportunity to meet with Tom Lewis every year ‘for several years’. Tom is a very decent man. We have considered Tom Lewis our friend and a trusted and important ally. Tom Lewis is a very particular home builder.  Tom we wish you much happiness in the future.


Rayne of Mesa/ Tempe has won several awards from Rayne Corporation including the David Nancarrow Life Time Achievement Award because of our great service and attention to detail.

This award is given to the Rayne Dealership that has provided exceptional service and reliability. In 1972 we won the Rayne Dealer of the Year award. This award is given to the Rayne Water Softener Systems/ Whole House Water Conditioning No Salt Water Conditioning No Salt Water Softening and Reverse Osmosis repair company which sells and replaces the most equipment in a year. That year my father (Brian Boyett) sold a lot of equipment (talked to a bunch of people and made tons of friends). In 2006 Rayne of Mesa received an outstanding sales achievment award. We are a solutions based organization. We want to be there for all the water in your life. We want to provide for all of your water technology needs. There is no job too small or too large. Our company installed the water treatment equipment for the first Arizona Oil Refinery. This was very large and heavy water treatment, chandler AZ equipment. Some of our associates have been involved with water treatment for the Palo Verde nuclear power plant; and are currently working with the defense department designing a high purity water unit which will be used in the navigation process on our military sea vessels. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Please call us and ask us for our credentials. We are a registrar of contractors licensed plumber for installing water treatment equipment (residential and commercial). We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau


The Boyett Family has a very long history in the Phoenix Metro Area, Mesa, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon Ranch.

We hope to keep the great tradition of Boyett’s Rayne Water going for at least another 46 years.


How to educate yourself on Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis and Water Conditioners

There are so many water-conditioning units to choose from; we want to make sure we give you all the important information to make a good decision. We are happy to discuss the proper size of water softener and reverse osmosis units for your home. One size of water softener and reverse osmosis does not always fit every home. We will ask you the size of your home; how many people live in your home; what size plumbing you have; how hard is the water; how high are your Total Dissolved Solids? These are all very important considerations. We will not install the same size unit for 1 person as we will install for a family of 3. We will not install the same size unit for a family of 3 as a family of 4 (which also entertains many visitors). The most important consideration is the quantity of cation resin the unit has and what quality is this material? It is very possible to buy a water softener that is too small and has low quality cation resin. If you buy a cheap unit that is inadequately sized – you are buying a bad experience and a very bad result. It is very possible to make a bad water treatment investment. If you do research and understand the importance of this investment, you will have a great result. If you choose the right size unit and the right company, your economic outcome will benefit. Which unit should I choose?

Live chat 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Sunday:


Our web page is designed to save you time and money.

How are we doing? We are a feedback driven company. We want to get better at meeting your needs. No detail is insignificant to us. Please call, text, email us your suggestions and comments; and we will take immediate action. Each day we are driven to improve our service to you. We can discuss features and size of your equipment when you call our office. You may call either of these numbers (at any time) and Troy or Hayden will be happy to answer any questions: Cellular (602) 291-4157; Office (480) 969-7251. On our web page you can choose the desired faucet color and style for your reverse osmosis.
Check out our 888 series and 905 series faucets.

Live chat 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Sunday:

We are very sensitive to your time; therefore we will be happy to give you a price quote over the phone. The reason we do not post our prices on this web page is this: every application is different. Every home is different. For this reason we like the opportunity to ask you several questions about the water treatment application, so we can get it right the first time. We also have a feature that will help you choose which Rayne Water Treatment Equipment is right for you.


If you are looking for residential or commercial water softening, water conditioning, water treatment or reverse osmosis equipment rental/ purchase, upgrade, replacement, service, parts and repair – we would like to help you make a good decision. We would like to help you with your decision making process. We will help you compare our features and prices with other water softening, whole house filtration, 100% salt free no salt water treatment units, reverse osmosis, water filtration equipment. We like to do this. Please feel free to call and talk with Hayden, Troy or Carol. We are happy to give you helpful free advice. We are happy to answer any questions you have about other water treatment equipment. If you invest in our company you are investing in a quality company that is committed to environmental, social and civic accountability. We are committed to environmental and economic sustainability. All of our parts and water treatment equipment are made from environmentally friendly products that are considered green. Our mission is to clean all the water in the world. Our family is starting right here in Phoenix Arizona. We are looking for ways to expand our Rayne Water Conditioning Network. Check out the exciting opportunities to becoming a Rayne Dealer. We are not looking for a one time sale. We are interested in building a long term relationship with you. We want to help you with all the water in your life. The water in our world is getting worse. Rayne Water Conditioning is here to make your water better. This is what we do.


How much time is the Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning team willing to spend with me to make a good decision?

We will spend as much time as we need to make you feel comfortable with your decision making process. We do not employ commissioned sales people. We do employ 28 year veterans which professionally and patiently answer all your questions and give you helpful free advice. If you feel comfortable with our company we can schedule a preinstallation inspection. Many times we can give you an installation fee estimate over the phone. We want you to feel comfortable with each step. If you want us to come out and inspect the site we are happy to meet with you; if you want to schedule the installation without us visiting your home, we are happy to accommodate this request. Boyett’s Rayne Water Conditioning has an A+ rating with the BBB and has a perfect record with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Many of our clients feel comfortable scheduling installations by discussing the options over the phone. If you decide not to have us stop by for a site inspection; we might ask you to take a series of pictures of the place in which the water equipment will sit; and text or e-mail these pictures to us ( Is the installation site up on a pedestal? If we know the loop is up on a pedestal we will have our Installation Technician bring the hydraulic lift. The hydraulic lift allows our technician to safely and efficiently lift the heavy water softener equipment up on the pedestal. It is like an elevator. Is there an electrical outlet within 2 feet of the loop? Is there a drain pipe? How large is the loop (3/4″, 1″,1.25″)? By studying these pictures; this will allow us to evaluate the time and materials required to perform the work. This will help us save you time and money on the installation fee. Our installation technicians really love us when we give them accurate information. They will even be more impressed when we begin giving them pictures of the installation sites. A picture is worth 1,000 words. We are looking forward to using this technology in our client’s favor. We want to make the entire process very convenient for you. Please tell us how we can best meet your needs.

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What makes Boyett’s Rayne Water Conditioning different?

When you call Boyett’s a real live person answers the phone 24/7. If you ever have a problem – we can help you any time (24/7). If you have a question, even on the weekends, call and ask for Hayden and I will try and call you right back. We try to eliminate all extra service by having good equipment and great maintenance programs that increase the quality of your water. We are happy to provide friendly free technical support (even if the equipment is not ours). Many times we can help you fix the problem right over the phone. For over 46 years our company has concentrated on water conditioning equipment. We continue to refine our techniques every day. We work on the basis of continuous and never-ending improvement. We are experts in the water treatment business. We focus on giving our customers award winning service. We will answer your questions quickly. If we cannot give you an answer (to a difficult water quality question) we will find out. The other day we had a client who wanted to remove arsenic from the water. We called our other Rayne Dealers and learned the right answer. When we install our water equipment, we expect this equipment installation is going to last 46 years (as long as you give this equipment the proper maintenance).

Most of our Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis and Whole House Water Conditioning equipment include limited life time warranties. Our reverse osmosis units have 10 year warranties. We provide 1 year free labor.

If you rent our water softener and reverse osmosis equipment, you will never have to pay for any parts or service. The Rayne Water professionals in Arizona perform as many as 300 installations a month. Many of our clients are installing our equipment in their fourth or fifth homes. We are also fortunate to be working with third generations of families. The people whom signed up with my father (Brian Boyett, founder) referred their kids whom referred their kids. References and referrals are how we receive most of our new clients. Rayne has installed over 100,000 water treatment units in Arizona. We have an impeccable reputation among our peers. We feel our membership in the Arizona Water Quality Association strengthens our business because of our opportunity to interact with other high quality organizations in this industry. Our customers speak very highly of our company. Many of our customers have testimonies posted on Google Maps. Go to Google and type Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning to see the testimonies. Many of our clients refer their friends and family. If you refer us we will send you $50.00. We can also apply this to your rental account or future salt deliveries and filter changes. My parents tell a story of one of our clients went around door to door each evening telling their neighbors about our service. That is how they paid their monthly bill. They also received some walking around money.


Does Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning have the best prices in the Phoenix Metro Area of Arizona?

We feel for the value and quality we add; our company has the best prices on water treatment equipment, water softeners, soft water units, water conditioning systems, reverse osmosis water purification equipment, filters, reverse osmosis parts, water softener parts, cation media, carbon media. Just by asking you several questions we can determine for which equipment you are looking. We are a special order company. When we determine your special needs; we can give you an estimate on the phone. When you inform our company of your water problem; within 15 minutes we will have an estimate for you. Please keep in mind (an estimate is an estimate). Giving you a firm bid may involve inspecting the job site. We perform as many as 5 inspections (at our Mesa Tempe Rayne Dealership) a week. I bet there is over 50 inspections every week at our other Arizona Rayne Dealerships. We can schedule an installation within several days. Sometimes we can perform installations on the same day. However, I am NOT making that a promise. We are very customer friendly. We are very accommodating. We have flexible work schedules. We will work at your convenience. We have technicians available that can be at your home at 6 AM. They will be done before you leave for work. If you do have us stop by early in the morning please get ready for work before we arrive. We may have your water off for at least 30 minutes. We are very dependable with our scheduled times. We always call the day before to confirm our schedule. All of our trucks are radio dispatched and have GPS (this allows us to give you better customer service by knowing the location of our truck to your home). We also call when we are on our way to your house (30 minutes before). We want to earn your business.

Having our Soft Water Service will save your family at least $131.00 per month on cleaning products and home maintenance.

Does Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning have the best reputation in the Metro Phoenix area for residential and commercial water treatment?

Take a look at some Customer comments and testimonials.

Look at our record with these agencies:


Arizona Registrar of Contractors (type in Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning)

Please Google search for Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning to inspect our business history

Call the Arizona Water Quality Association (480) 947-9850. Ask for Dave Perry. Dave Perry is the administrator. You will find Dave very helpful and patient with any question you have about water treatment. What questions should I ask Dave? Is this company a reputable company? Has this company been around for at least 10 years? Has this company been a member of the Arizona Water Quality Association at least 10 years? What is this company’s reputation with their clients and among their peers? Does this company have a warehouse and separate office (office garages do not count)? Is this company a licensed plumber? Does this company perform work with their own employees or do they utilize subcontractors? These are all very important questions. If you ask the right questions – you will get a positive result. If you perform effective research you will choose the right equipment. Make lists of questions to ask us. We are happy to help; just call us anytime day or night. Please ask for Hayden Boyett Cell (602) 291-4157 or Troy Phillips (480) 969-7251.

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Brian Boyett was the founding member of the…
Arizona Water Quality Association

Our Mission is to be the best water treatment company in the United States by providing exceptional customer service and exceptional products and services that exceed our client’s expectations. It is our goal to provide a safe working environment with the best tools to facilitate our work. Our company is committed to following the Water Quality Associations code of ethics; working with our co-workers and clients honorably and with the highest degree of respect and integrity. We are proud that we work drug free.

Our satisfied commercial customers include : City of Phoenix, Saguaro Guest Ranch, Coach Works Auto Body, Express Auto Commercial, Crockett Honey Company, LeBaron & Carroll, Amicus Fitness, Lavida Massage, RigaTony’s Italian Restaurant, Marcello’s Italian Restaurant, The Gilbert House, San Tan Flats Restaurant, LA Fitness, Mountain Side Fitness, Dr. Ray, Ray Chiropractic, Kokopelli Bakery, Arizona Department of Transportation, Falcon Field Control Tower, Gold Canyon Resort, Avnet, Ford Financial, Brunchies Restaurant in Chandler, Apache Junction Fire Department, Boeing Helicopter Plant, Benson System, MGI Electronics, Banner Health Care, Lavita Massage, McDonald’s, Denny’s (#6306; Mountain Range Restaurant), Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Meldrum Mortuary, Mesa AZ, Matta’s Mexican Restaurant, Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants, US Food, Nello’s Pizza, Commercial Properties, Arizona State University – Department of Human Evolution and many more. Call us for the best Reverse Osmosis Arizona; Purified Water Scottsdale, AZ.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Brian Hayden Boyett, General Manager. I am Water Quality Association certified at Level 6. I am certified as a installation technician for residential and commercial water softener, water conditioning, water treatment, reverse osmosis, ultra pure water equipment. I currently serve as a Arizona Water Quality board member and sit on the National Water Quality Association Certification Task Force. I am fortunate to retain the highest Water Quality Certification in Arizona; and most of the world. If you give Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning the opportunity to serve you; I assure you that we will do a good job at your home and your business. I will be happy to provide a list of references on request.

Here are the areas and zip codes in which Rayne Water provides services and products in Arizona:

85086 Anthem, AZ; 85119 – 85120 Apache Junction, AZ; 85323 – 85392 Avondale, AZ; 85326 – 85396 Buckeye, AZ; 85377 Carefree, AZ; 85122 – 85193 – 85194 Casa Grande, AZ; 85327 – 85331 Cave Creek, AZ; 85224 – 85225- 85226 – 85244 – 85246 – 85248 – 85249 Chandler, AZ; 85142 Chandler Heights, AZ; 85128 Coolidge, AZ; 85086 Desert Hills, AZ; 85192 Dudleyville, AZ; 85122 Eleven Mile Corner, AZ; 85335 El Mirage, AZ; 85131 Eloy, AZ; 85132 Florence, AZ; 85264 Fort McDowell, AZ; 85268 – 85269 Fountain Hills, AZ; 85233 – 85234 – 85295 – 85296 – 85297 – 85298 Gilbert, AZ; 85301 – 85302 – 85303 – 85304 – 85305 – 85306 – 85307 – 85308 – 85310 – 85311 – 85312 Glendale, AZ; 85309 Glendale Luke AFB, AZ; 85118 Gold Canyon, AZ; 85338 – 85395 Goodyear, AZ; 85283 Guadalupe, AZ; 85236 Higley, AZ; 85137 Kearny, AZ; 85339 Laveen, AZ; 85340 Litchfield Park, AZ; 85138 – 85139 Maricopa, AZ; 85201 – 85202 – 85203 – 85204 – 85205 – 85206 – 85207 – 85208 – 85209 – 85210 – 85211 – 85212 – 85213 – 85214 – 85215 – 85274 – 85275 Mesa, AZ; 85139 Mobile, AZ; 85087 New River, AZ; 85253 Paradise Valley, AZ; 85345 – 85380 – 85381 – 85382 – 85383 – 85385 Peoria, AZ; 85001 – 85002 – 85003 – 85004 – 85005 – 85006 – 85007 – 85008 – 85009 – 85010 – 85011 – 85012 – 85013 – 85014 – 85015 – 85016 – 85017 – 85018 – 85019 – 85020 – 85021 – 85022 – 85023 – 85024 – 85025 – 85026 – 85027 – 85028 – 85029 – 85030 – 85031 – 85032 – 85033 – 85034 – 85035 – 85037 – 85040 – 85041 – 85042 – 85043 – 85044 – 85045 – 85048 – 85050 – 85051 – 85053 – 85054 – 85083 – 85085 – 85086 Phoenix, AZ; 85142 Queen Creek, AZ; 85118 Queen Valley, AZ; 85145 Red Rock, AZ; 85263 Rio Verde, AZ; 85140 – 85143 San Tan Valley, AZ; 85250 – 85251 – 85252 – 85254 85255 – 85256 – 85257 – 85258 – 85259 – 85260 – 85261 – 85262 – 85266 – 85267 – 85271 Scottsdale, AZ; 85172 Stanfield, AZ; 85351 – 85372 – 85373 Sun City, AZ; 85375 – 85376 Sun City West, AZ; 85248 Sun Lakes, AZ; 85173 Superior, AZ; 85118 Superstition Mountain, AZ; 85374 – 85378 – 85379 – 85387 – 85388 Surprise, AZ; 85281 – 85282 – 85283 – 85284 Tempe, AZ; 85353 Tolleson, AZ; 85131 Toltec, AZ; 85354 Tonopah, AZ; 85190 Tortilla Flat, AZ; 85191 Valley Farms, AZ; 85355 Waddell, AZ; 85390 Wickenburg, AZ; 85192 Winkelman, AZ; 85361 Wittman, AZ; 85363 Youngtown, AZ and surrounding areas

Independent NSF CertifiedTested and Certified Labor Industry StandardsClassified UL


What will your investment in our company bring to you?

– time spent with the best water treatment professionals in the world. All of our work is performed by Boyett’s Family full time employees. These folks are good at it.

– A great water treatment solution and result. I personally guarantee this. Brian Hayden Boyett

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Please call if you have any questions.  I answer the first phone call.  (480) 969-7251 my cell phone is (602) 291-4157.  Please call anytime.  With great Respect, Brian Hayden Boyett BS, MWS, CI General Manager, Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning