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12.11.14 8:51 AM

This is an image of Troy Phillips (our service manager) holding carbon filters that will be installed at RigaTony’s restaurant, Tempe Arizona.


RiganTony’s is one of my favorite restaurants.  I was impressed that the owner is interested in improving the drinking water quality for his patrons.  This makes me want to dine at this restaurant more.  Mike is looking after his people.  If you are in the mood for great Italian food you should go visit this restaurant.  As you walk up to the front door of this restaurant; there is a fork imbeded in the concrete.  I think this is a sign of good food.  Great food and service is provided at RigaTony’s.

031815 1:07 PM

This is the Google positive testimony that the owner of Rigatony’s just posted on our Google profile:

I am the owner of RigaTony’s restaurant in Tempe and for years we’ve struggled at times with the taste of the water that we serve to our customers. We know our tap water is safe to drink but you can’t deny that periodically throughout the year it becomes very unpalatable. I’m told this happens when the city switches back and forth to various well water sources. Boyett Water Conditioning has always serviced our water softener at the restaurant as well as all the water conditioning needs in my home so I decided to call Hayden at Boyett’s to solve this problem. With a minor amount of re-plumbing, they solved the problem with a regenerating self-cleaning carbon filter. I’m not sure how it works but trust me it works great. The taste difference is like night and day and for a reasonable cost I can now proudly say all of our drinking water, soft drinks and recipes are prepared and served with delicious filtered water. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago. Boyett’s is a first rate professional company with a home-grown helpful attitude that is hard to come by in this day and age. I highly recommend them to anyone, home owner or business, to solve any water conditioning needs.



03.23.15 1:58 PM


I met with Mike (the owner of RigaTony’s) this weekend and snapped a couple of pictures of the restaurant and our carbon filter.



This is a picture of the RigaTony’s fork (embedded in the concrete). There is a great story and tradition behind this fork. When you see Mike please ask him to tell you this story.


This is the rental carbon filter that my family installed at RigaTony’s to treat the drinking water and the water for the icemaker. RigaTony’s is very happy with the results of this carbon filter system. They asked me if I wanted to take one of their famous salads home. I said no thank you – but I will be back ‘indubitably’. I left thinking how fortunate we are to have Mike’s family and their restaurant as clients (classy people). You should go try their water and their salads. They are both delicious; they both deserve fame and fortune.  I’m just saying.  Please keep up the great work Mike.

02.12.16 12:31 PM.  Here is some information I found about the benefits of carbon filtration.

Carbon Filtration:
What It Does, What It Doesn’t

by Gene Franks

The largest single section in the of the “EPA Regulated Water Contaminants” published in Water Technology magazine, is the section on Organics (including VOCs, or “Volatile Organics”). In this category, the EPA lists 32 very nasty chemical contaminants — many with familiar names like benzene, 1,1 dichlorethylene, carbon tetrachloride, dioxin, styrene, toluene, chloroform, and vinyl chloride. To give an idea of the extensiveness of this list, a single one of the 32 items is “Total Trihalomethanes”, a category made up of still uncounted chemicals, assumed to number in the thousands, that are formed when water containing organic matter (i. e., virtually all water) is treated with chlorine. The maximum allowable level for trihalomethanes, which are suspected cancer causers and are present in virtually all chlorinated tap water, is only 1/10 of one part per million. For the Organics category, the primary treatment in all cases and the only recommended treatment in most cases is activated carbon.

The EPA’s Pesticides category lists 14 familiar poisons such as Aldicarb, Chlordane, Heptachlor, and Lindane. In all 14 cases, activated carbon is the only recommended treatment. Of the 12 Herbicides listed (2,4-D, Atrazine, etc.), activated carbon is the only treatment recommended.

For Organics, Pesticides, and Herbicides, the standard treatment, and in most cases the only treatment recommended, is activated carbon.

When people say water filter, they most frequently mean a carbon filter of some variety, because since the Egyptians discovered that storing water in charcoal made it stay fresher and taste better, carbon has been a standard feature in water treatment. Its centuries of popularity attest to its effectiveness.



What is Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning next mission?


To develop a carbon based product to remove lead from our water.


….Activated carbon itself appears in the EPA list as a preferred treatment only for mercury, but carbon block filters can also be engineered to remove lead…..


02.17.16 12:08 PM

This is our marketing story about how we developed a product to remove lead in the water.

I received an e mail from one of our Fast Track Music members ( that read as follows:

I thought you might have an interest in this story from The Washington Post.

Untold cities across America have higher rates of lead poisoning than Flint

Beyond Flint: Anticipating the Impact on Water Treaters Nationwide

By Jason Wuliger

The tragedy of lead-laced water in Flint, Mich., has entered the national consciousness and has provoked a visceral reaction from the public: “Could this happen in my town? What’s under the ground affecting my water that I can’t see?” And for good reason: Over 15% of the homes in Flint have…


Right away I started thinking about a name for this product; and the first thing that came to my mind is

possible name for this product : lead killer


By utilizing this product name – included within our marketing picture can be my father’s double barrel 12 gauge shotgun.  We always seek to utilize my father’s accouterments and his artifacts (boots, cowboy hats and guns ‘there are many’)  when developing marketing media and ideas for our new product and processes.  Just a thought.


This situation first came to my attention while reading the newspaper in the early part of January.   I waited to post this Flint Michigan ‘lead in the water’ information on our web page out of compassion (this is an awful situation).  However, when I learned this same problem may exist in other regions (low PH water is causing lead to leach from plumbing ‘and getting into people’s water’); we decided to develop a product ‘to abolish lead from water’.

I e mailed Troy asking for a recipe to remove lead from tap water.

I received an

Email from Troy 02.03.16

Recipe for lead removal in water

The Lead removal options:  9×48 resin tank with clack backwashing valve with 1/3 of cubic ft of KDF backwashing at a rate of 10 gallons per minute.  The KDF will need replacing at least every 5 years.


2nd option: 20” BB Flow Plus is a ½ micron carbon block filter.

Troy sought guidance from the same company that has helped us to develop many of our recent products including (Filtersorb SP3 with carbon filtration, Dynamic duel water softener and carbon filter, +h2o+ph+ro and +h2o+ph+mg+ro).

The lead killer product will be included in our dynamic duel offering.  People who wish to purchase this out of Arizona – please call (480) 969-7251 or email or text (602) 291-4157.

Tp said that water has to be sent to a lab to test for lead


Tp mentioned the people magazine article about this

The lady who was holding the bottles up ‘and got the ball rolling on this issue’ may have had lead testing equipment in her home.

03.17.16 9 AM

In a recent news story discussing the problem of lead in our water (


…..a USA TODAY NETWORK investigation has identified almost 2,000 additional water systems spanning all 50 states where testing has shown excessive levels of lead contamination over the past four years.

… Many of the highest reported lead levels were found at schools and daycares. A water sample at a Maine elementary school was 42 times higher than the EPA limit of 15 parts per billion, while a Pennsylvania preschool was 14 times higher, records show. At an elementary school in Ithaca, N.Y., one sample tested this year at a stunning 5,000 ppb of lead, the EPA’s threshold for “hazardous waste.”

Boyett’s Family has a solution to remove lead in water.  By utilizing specially designed carbon filtration products; we can remove lead in your water.  This product is called ‘no lead in your water’.