Company Bio’s

Boyett Family Rayne Water ConditioningBrian Boyett (co-founder)
Roberta Boyett (co founder), President
Hayden Boyett General Manager
Troy Phillips, Service Manager

Brian Boyett

Brian Boyett owned another successful soft water company in Phoenix, AZ before founding Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning in 1966. The company was called Cesco soft water service Phx, AZ


Brian received his Vocational Agricultural Degree at Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas

Brian Boyett was the regional director and representative for the National Cotton Council

Read more about Brian Boyett’s Life Here

A history of Brian Boyett’s mother, written herself, Christia Boyett, is available here

and is titled “Boom Town School Teacher“. (Large 45MB PDF)

A Tribute to Brian Boyett (Our Co-Founder)

Roberta Boyett

Roberta received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Home Economics (University of Arizona Tucson, AZ). She knows how important soft water is to keeping the house clean. She knows how important purified water is to good cooking (and health ‘and a balanced diet’).

Roberta received her Masters degree in teaching Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona. Her teaching skills served her well building Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning. She was our first staff trainer (and is very good at teaching us ‘the right path’ to take today). She always teaches us to take the ‘road less traveled’ (it is more difficult, but more rewarding when you arrive). She has definitely arrived. Roberta has told us many times; success is a journey – not a destination. Each of us choose to be successful each and every day.

Roberta has also been very involved with 4 H – teaching young women and young men proper cooking techniques and sanitation procedures. Roberta has taught (as many as) 7 kids (at a time) in her own kitchen (using her own cooking utensils and food).

Roberta has lead Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning into the computer age. She has developed our current computer infrastructure and management information systems. Roberta has developed all of our current paperwork and office procedures. Roberta has served as our office manager for over 30 years. She types out all of her file labels (for her file folders) instead of writing them. She expects us to take pride in our work and expects excellence in all levels of our organization. We can’t slip anything by this woman. She is building a great legacy we will continue to follow.

Roberta Jean Boyett’s maiden name is Hayden. Roberta Jean Hayden is a third generation native to Arizona. They even named Hayden Road (McClintock Road ‘Tempe, Arizona’ turns into Hayden Road north of McDowell) after her family. The Hayden Family are the third settlers of Scottsdale, AZ. There is a picture of Wilford Hayden (her father) in the current addition of the Scottsdale AZ (history) book. We will send you a copy. The Hayden Farm was located (off Hayden Road) where the current Eldorado Park (Scottsdale, AZ) resides. She is quite famous (yet very humble). You would never ever guess her heritage if you stop by our office and meet Roberta. She comes in the office often. However, she doesn’t have to do much. We mostly enjoy visiting with her and hearing stories ‘ of how her and Brian built’ such a great and long lasting company.

Roberta has been a great wife to Brian Boyett.

Roberta is an incredible mother. I don’t know how she built Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning and still maintained (her most important role) as a mother. Wow.

These days Roberta Boyett is the President of Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning. Roberta is very civic minded. When there is a need with people (within her circle of influence) Roberta is there to help. She is a good leader. We seek to make her proud every day (by taking good care of her customers). We provide Purified Water in Fountain Hills Arizona.


Troy Phillips

Has worked at Boyett’s over 26 years.

Troy has been our service manager since 1993. Troy started as our Route Technician then worked as our Regeneration Technician and then worked as our Service/ Installation Technician. He has excelled in every area and risen to the top just like cream rises to the top.

Award winning sales person (outstanding achievement award from Rayne Corporation). Because of Troy’s talent relating to other people, and because people know he really cares; a lot of people become our customers. Also because of Troy’s superior knowledge of our products and the installation and service requirements many people feel comfortable enrolling in our service and product ownership. Troy keep making all those clients happy.

Troy is also great working with all of our other Technicians. Everyone respects Troy and knows he is looking out for the best of the people and the organization. We really appreciate this. This care shows in each transaction and customer satisfaction. I can honestly say that Troy helps our company be a five star organization.

Another attribute of Troy is that he is a intuitive problem solver. He won’t rest until the problem has come to complete resolution. It is actually pretty incredible to see this side of him unfold. Under Troy’s leadership some of our most important processes and procedures have been developed. Troy makes the difficult seem easy. This is the result of a talented technician and leader.

Troy’s hobbies include boating, hunting, fishing, scuba diving.

Father to Samantha and Zack (cool kids); and husband to Lisa (great lady).

Troy owns a property in Rocky Point. Right across the street from J. J’s Cantina. If you are ever up there ask Troy to take you fishing on his boat.

Troy also enjoys spending time near Nutrioso, Arizona. This truly is God’s country. This recreation gives Troy a chance to unwind and spend a lot of time with his great family.

Exceptional customer service skills. Provides friendly free advise on the phone. If you have a problem you will not talk to a nicer person on the phone. A lot of times Troy can figure out the problem and solve it right over the phone (almost as if he was standing right beside of you).

We would be a miss not mentioning how unselfish Troy is with his rewards and recognition. This is one of the reasons we have the best Technicians and Customer Service Representatives in the industry. A rising tide lifts all ships. Troy will tell you that it is a team effort. There is no “I” in the word team. The founders say we have the best team we have ever had. Keep doing what you are doing Troy.

Brian Hayden Boyett


I have managed Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning since 1995

I have been involved in this company since birth. My Father’s occupation (on my birth certificate) says ‘Soft Water Business’. I have gained most of my knowledge – about the business – around the dinner table (listening to Brian and Roberta Boyett discuss operations). I have always listened very carefully because I knew this information will be very useful someday. My first job in the company was taking out the trash and cleaning the offices. I have enjoyed learning every job in the company. I have learned that each job is critical to the quality of our products and services.  I have learned that in a small family business there is no job or position that is necessarily more important than another.  I have also seen demonstrated (at many levels) the concept of ‘a company is only as strong as its weakest link’.  What this means to me: Our organization will only be able to sustain customer’s confidence up to the level of our least qualified employee.  Therefore, it is our intention to employ humans which have the ambition to reach their full potential and are willing to reach past their existing expectations.

At Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning every job is important

There are no weak amongst our people. Learning for us continues to become more intriguing as time marches on. I recently heard Troy Phillips (our Service Manager) tell Marco (Service and Installation Technician ‘in training’) and Brett (super star Service and Installation Technician ‘and trainer’); it is good to learn something new each day.  Not much has changed in the way our business is run today (in comparison to how our business was built by our founders). It is very easy to follow the high ethical principles which have been engrained in all the layers of our company structure. There is never any questions as to the integrity of each decision which has been made (under the guidance of Brian and Roberta Boyett). It is my anticipation and expectation to carry forward these long lasting traditions of high integrity and forward thinking innovation; and continue to teach these principles to our new generation.

I enjoy being able to influence the quality at all levels. It is true that we have the finest staff we have ever had; we collaborate, invent, and learn together. It is our desire is to get better and learn how to give our clients better service (than the day before).  It is a pleasure and honor to work everyday with such a fine cast of characters.

I received a Bachelors of Science degree in Corporate Finance at Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

The financial learning has been very influential in helping keep our costs low and our quality high. Our company recycles as many items as possible (which helps us offer very low rates). We utilize our vehicles the longest in our industry. The oldest vehicle in our fleet is 2004. Our preference is diesel Isuzu/ GMC cab-over trucks. In my opinion Isuzu is the best truck for our needs. We own 7 of these vehicles. Brian Boyett (co-founder) developed our current fleet utilization program. Because of our vehicle program we can move quicker and transport more materials than most other water treatment companies in Arizona. When we arrive at the job (we get the work done quickly and efficiently; in most cases there will be ‘no extra trips’ required). Increasing the life of our vehicles has lowered the cost of all our products. All of our vehicles are equipped with lift gates which allows us to give our clients the proper size equipment safely and efficiently.  The fleet maintenance and utilization models we utilize are based upon case studies of Wal-Mart and UPS.   Because Wal-Mart and UPS facilitate  maintenance of their fleets; they pass this savings on to their clients.  We continue to follow these models in our own firm.  We buy our trucks with cash and we utilize the most advanced maintenance techniques to aggrandize our efficiency and reduce our fleet costs.

We will not use cheap components; we deploy the finest ingredients when giving our clients the proper size and proper quality of equipment

We have the proper muscles to get the job done right. My financial background is also helpful when making capital investment decisions (to gain the highest return on each investment). When we spend a dollar we seek to stretch this dollar as far as possible. This helps us offer our clients the highest quality in the industry – at the lowest price. My financial training has also helped me appreciate how important it is to invest in soft water, purified drinking water and renewable resources (solar, hot water recirculating pumps, water recycling) to help make all organisms and organizations run more efficient. This is an important document in our business. This document describes how you can save at least $131.00 each and every month by having our soft product. When I meet with each client I discuss the many benefits of utilizing clean water.  Because of my financial training I appreciate offering our clients an opportunity to add to the value of their budgets.  If you don’t use filtered water – you are making a bad investment. If you choose Boyett Family Rayne Water you will be making a good decision. Call us right now to get involved with us: Hayden’s Cell  (602)291 -4157  , Office (480)969-7251;  Right Now!

1981 Arizona Junior State Old Time Fiddle Champion

I am fortunate to play the (the violin/ fiddle) at least 6 times a month ‘because of Fast Track Music and The Red Mountain Bluegrass Band’.  I have played with the Herndon Brothers Band (Handle Bar J, Scottsdale AZ).  My fiddle provides some of the ‘on-hold’ fiddle music when you call our office (along with The Red Mountain Bluegrass Band).  One of the biggest honors of my music career has been collaborating with The Red Mountain Bluegrass Band.  My mentor Lyman Keeling introduced me to Dr. Theo Heap.  Dr. Theo Heap is the leader of The Red Mountain Bluegrass band.  Dr. Theo Heap is a great man; he was the President of Mesa Community College for 10 years (if you visit the Mesa Community College campus you will see the Dr. Theo Heap Auditorium); and he was a member of the United States Olympic Committee for 20 years.  Dr. Theo Heap’s responsibility at the Olympic Games was to check credentials of arriving athletes.  My Favorite song that we play is Leather Britches (taught by Michael Rolland). My original teacher was Sue Widemark and then my parents convinced Dr. Peter Rolland to move to the Phoenix Arizona Water Softener, Water Treatment, Commercial Water Treatment. My parents are very tenacious individuals; they secured a job for Dr. Peter Rolland at the Valley National Bank (thanks to Jim Gardner).  Dr. Peter Rolland also had several other job opportunities because of his mathematical genius.  Dr. Peter Rolland has been the source of many great opportunities in our lives. Peter has also been a faculty member at ASU, teaching mathematics and music history.  A great support and influence in my musical career has been my mentor Lyman Keeling (of Mesa, AZ Water Purification, Reverse Osmosis, Soft Water). Because of Lyman’s unselfishness and giving nature; he encouraged me to take up the style of Old Time Fiddle Music.  I give all the credit for my music ability to my parents (Brian and Roberta Boyett). I would have quit playing the fiddle (many times) to play football or participate in other activities. There is a picture; at my house on Erie Street, Chandler Arizona (Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis, Water Purification) where my mother is standing by my side learning to play the violin.  I’m sure this was a painful task for my mother; however, I never heard a complaint from her. Roberta Boyett, on the other hand, heard many complaints from me.  I wanted to go out and ride my bicycle and play with my friends instead of spending many arduous moments grinding through the learning process of new skills and learning new old time fiddle songs (by ear).  My parents made me practice every day (sometimes I practiced 5 hours; however – the requirement was 30 minutes). My parents taught me the principle of no pain no gain.  I hope my music story will be a testimony to all the parents in the world. I suggest your kids practice music 30 minutes every day.  My parents explained to my sister (Katrina Boyett) and I that practicing our instruments was our contribution to the family.  Because my parents did such a great job providing me my musical ability; I sometimes carry my fiddle in my vehicle and share my music ability with other people.  I hope by me sharring my music; this will encourage others to take up this cause and pay it forward.  I am currently working on a fiddle training technique called Fast Track Fiddling.  Learning any new skill is not difficult: if you have the right motivation; and if you are willing to take courage.  I currently have three Fast Track Fiddle students in which I am working.  We plan to develop this into a legitimate program; documenting our results.  Stay tuned for more on Fast Track Fiddling.   If I stop by your house – ask me for a fiddle song; and I may say, “if you sign up for our services today I’ll play you a fiddle song.” My fiddle music is available for barbeques; just leave a message for Hayden and ask about this service. We provide this service free of charge; if only you will let me have some snacks.  I always have my fiddle in my vehicle (this is one of the principles of Fast Track Fiddling ‘if you don’t have it you can’t use it; if you don’t use it you will lose it’).

The recreation I enjoy the most these days is playing in a bluegrass band.  Here is an article about this band  “The Red Mountain Bluegrass Band”

We meet every other Thursday.  It is developing into a fourth generation band (the young man in the red shirt ‘Josh’ is the great nephew of the founder Dr. Theo Heap).  Here is recent picture at our practice night:

I am a 3rd generation native Phoenician

My heritage includes membership in the Hayden Family of Scottsdale, Arizona (Just to mention we provide: Water Softener, Soft Water, Reverse Osmosis, Alkalinity Water, Water Conditioning, Chlorine Free, Water Purification products and services to Scottsdale, AZ) and Buckeye, AZ (Just to mention we provide: Water Softener, Soft Water, Reverse Osmosis, Alkalinity Water, Water Conditioning, Chlorine Free, Water Purification services to Buckeye, AZ).  Hayden Road was the road leading out to my family’s farm in Scottsdale, Arizona (Just to mention, we provide high purity water, commercial water treatment, commercial water conditioning repair to the Scottsdale, Arizona area).  Eventually when Scottsdale began growing; The City of Scottsdale, Arizona purchased this land and my family moved their farm to Buckeye Arizona (We also provided Power plant commercial water treatment, commercial reverse osmosis water treatment, reverse osmosis filter service, reverse osmosis filter changes to the area of Buckeye, Arizona).  The Hayden Family currently includes 8 brothers and sisters who operate a very successful farming operation in Buckeye, Arizona (These are also services and products that we provided: Water Conditioning, Water Treatment, Commercial Water Treatment, Commercial Water Purification and Water Softening the Buckeye, Arizona).  I recently learned from my uncle Paul Hayden that our heritage also includes the political family of Senator Carl Hayden.  Monti’s La Casa Vieja was a meeting place of the  Arizona Water Quality Association.  It is at this historical location where Senator Carl Hayden was born.  It is also across the street from the former Hayden Flower Mill, which was operated by the Carl Hayden Family.  I was informed by my Aunt Cynthia Hayden-LeRoy that Senator Carl Hayden referred to our family as his nieces and nephews.  These days I am most proud of our great staff and their daily accomplishments. At Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning I see super human efforts occurring daily. I stand back and watch in amazement. I try to work to make our company better each day. Each one of our staff works to make our clients happy. This is what our technicians do best.  Won’t you give us a chance to provide you with our great products and services?

I love Arizona. I am a resident of Chandler AZ (the Former Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn ‘former Maricopa County Superior Court Judge and member of the corporation commission’ is our client). Keep up the good work Mayor Dunn. Boyd; we love to work with you.

My favorite place to go listen to live country music is Handle Bar J Restaurant and night club Scottsdale, Arizona.

I am currently reading (over and over) The Carrot Principle written by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton which discusses sharing effective employee recognition to provide an accelerator in conjunction with four areas of leadership:

1. Goal Setting

2. Communication

3. Trust

4. Accountability

I am currently studying The Long Tail written by Chris Anderson (editor of Wired Magazine) which discusses providing products and service electronically to many people.

Our mission:

To be the best Water Treatment Company in the United States by providing products and services which exceed our client’s expectations.  We began this mission 47 years ago.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Brian Hayden Boyett

General Manager

Office: (480) 969-7251

Cell: (602) 921-4157

John F. Kennedy when he visited Phoenix in 1961

This is a picture of John F. Kennedy when he visited Phoenix in 1961 to attend a dinner honoring Senator Carl Hayden (whom is also riding in this car). At this dinner President Kennedy said “Every Federal program which has contributed to the West- irrigation, power and reclamation- bears his mark. And the great Federal highway program which binds the country together…in large measure is his creation.”

JFK and my famous relative Senator Carl Hayden

Carl Hayden was one of my relatives.  According to my Aunt Cynthia Hayden LeRoy; as the story goes; she was attending a wedding and met Senator Carl Hayden for the first time.  Aunt Cynthia said, “he was the nicest man.  When I explained to him that I was a daughter of Wilford E Hayden; Senator Carl Hayden said, ‘you are my niece’.”

So this is my claim to fame.  If it is true that I have the same Senator Carl Hayden blood running through my veins – I will take it.  This makes me very proud indeed.

Biography of Carl Trumbull Hayden

Carl Trumbull Hayden, a U.S. representative and senator from Arizona, was born in Hayden’s Ferry (now Tempe), Arizona. Educated at Stanford University, Hayden worked in the family flour-milling business and served as sheriff of Maricopa County. He was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. House of Representatives when Arizona became a state in 1912; he remained in the House until 1927, when he began the first of seven terms in the U.S. Senate. Hayden rarely spoke on the floor, preferring to work behind the scenes in committee. He considered himself a “workhorse” rather than a “show horse,” and concentrated his efforts on western water and transportation projects. He was floor manager of the bill that established the Grand Canyon National Park, and he sponsored the 19th Amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote. As chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee from 1955 to 1969, Hayden won praise from members of both parties for being a master of compromise. He also served as president pro tempore from 1957 to 1969.

Hayden retired to his home in Tempe, Arizona, in 1969 after serving an unprecedented 56 consecutive years in Congress. He died in 1972 in Mesa, Arizona.

02.22.17 7:06 PM Here is some more information I have found about this supposed famous relative of mine (I plan to have my Aunt Cynthia LeRoy- Hayden and my Uncle Paul Hayden document in writing they both heard Senator Carl Hayden claim them as his nieces and nephews).  I am simply attaching my parachute to this great man and to the legacy of my wonderful Hayden family relatives.

I recently visited the town of Williams Arizona and I was looking through a history book and saw two men I recognized: Carl Hayden and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Carl Hayden with FDR.  FDR is sitting in the middle and Carl Hayden is standing; the last to the right.  This picture was taken at the Greenway Ranch in Williams Arizona circa September 26, 1932.

Here are a couple of other pictures of Carl Hayden

Young Carl Hayden

Carl Hayden with cowboy hat.  We have this in common (cowboy hat).

Carl Hayden’s political legacy spanned many presidents and epochs.

I feel proud that Carl Hayden claimed my mother’s siblings as his nieces and nephews (on two instances – one with my Aunt Cynthia Hayden LeRoy and one with my Uncle Paul Hayden).  Although, I have not found any evidence of blood relationship with this man; I cannot help but think our linage is connected at some point.

As I grew up in Tempe I had several occasions to meet


Hayden C. Hayden, grandson of Tempe’s founder Charles Trumbull Hayden (Hayden C. Hayden ‘who changed his name to include the Hayden nomenclature- to honor his famous political uncle Senator Carl Hayden’ was a Tempe Diablo.  It was at several Tempe Diablo events I met Hayden C. Hayden.  My father’s great friend Pat Nash was a famous Tempe Diablo; and included me in appropriate Tempe Diablo events in this period of time.


I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet this man (Hayden C. Hayden) who was Senator Carl Hayden’s nephew.  Hayden C. Hayden like his uncle (Senator Carl Hayden) was a great man (I felt this when I met Hayden C. Hayden and I have heard many other people posit this).

Carl Trumbull Hayden (October 2, 1877 – January 25, 1972) was an American politician and the first United States Senator to serve seven terms. Serving as Arizona‘s first Representative for eight terms before entering the Senate, Hayden set the record for longest-serving member of the United States Congress more than a decade before his retirement from politics. The longtime Dean of the United States Senate served as its president pro tempore and chairman of both its Rules and Administration and Appropriations committees. He was a member of the Democratic Party.

Having earned a reputation as a reclamation expert early in his congressional career,[1] Hayden consistently backed legislation dealing with public lands, mining, reclamation, and other projects affecting the Western United States. In addition, he played a key role in creating the funding formula for the federal highway system.[2] President John F. Kennedy said of Hayden, “Every Federal program which has contributed to the development of the West—irrigation, power, reclamation—bears his mark, and the great Federal highway program which binds this country, together, which permits this State to be competitive east and west, north and south, this in large measure is his creation.”[3]

Known as the “Silent Senator”, Hayden rarely spoke on the Senate floor. Instead his influence came from committee meetings and Senate cloakroom discussions where his comments were given a respect comparable to canon law.[4] A colleague said of him, “No man in Senate history has wielded more influence with less oratory,”[5] while the Los Angeles Times wrote that Hayden had “assisted so many projects for so many senators that when old Carl wants something for his beloved Arizona, his fellow senators fall all over themselves giving him a hand. They’d probably vote landlocked Arizona a navy if he asked for it.”[6]

Several times a week I have occasion to mention Senator Carl Hayden in my client discussions: he had a tremendous influence in allowing our state to utilize the Central Arizona Project (CAP).

Here is text speaking on this great effort:

The CAP was created by the Colorado River Basin Project Act of 1968, signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on September 30, 1968.[3][4] Senator Ernest McFarland, along with Senator Carl Hayden, lobbied for the Central Arizona Project (CAP) aimed at providing Arizona’s share of the Colorado River to the state. McFarland’s efforts failed as senator; however, they laid a critical foundation for the eventual passage of the CAP in the late 1960s.

According to the Arizona Republic, Senator Goldwater, Senator Hayden, the Udalls Representative Morris Udall and Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall and other Arizona leaders teamed up on the successful passage of what was McFarland’s visionary and intended legislation that became the CAP, “probably the state’s most celebrated bipartisan achievement of the 20th century.”[5] This act provided for the Secretary of the Interior to enter into an agreement with non-federal interests, whereby the federal government acquired the right to 24.3 percent of the power produced at the non-federal Navajo Generating Station, Navajo Project. The agreement also includes the delivery of power and energy over the transmission facilities to delivery points within the Central Arizona Project service area.

Without the success of these wonderful people – Phoenix Arizona would not have enough water to grow to seven million people (within 16 years ‘as I understand’).

I am proud to speak Carl Hayden’s name with my Hayden family name. The more I learn about how great and humble was this man; the more I want to emulate him and be a great man too.

Senator Carl Hayden with Nixon

080817 10:55 AM

One of my favorite areas to perambulate these days is down town Tempe near the Charles Trumbull Hayden homestead.  Here is an early picture of this: oblique view of Hayden Flour Mill and Salt River.  Tempe, Arizona, circa 1940

This is a current image of the building where Carl Hayden was born.

This is the former location of


Monti’s La Casa Vieja Restaurant.  The Monti’s family sure did a great job of preserving Carl Hayden’s legacy in this building.

The above image is a closer view of the building in which Carl Hayden was born.

Here is an image of the Hayden Flour Mill that Carl Hayden ran for a short time.  I am currently reading a biography of Carl Hayden.  This book states that Carl Hayden had a penchant for politics; not business.   The City of Tempe is doing a great job preserving this historical site.  This site is found on the southeast corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe Arizona.

This is an image of an electronic sign that displays “Hayden Ferry ” on the northeast corner of Mill and Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe Arizona.

The City of Tempe is still honoring the Hayden family today with buildings and areas named after the Hayden family.

When I see the name Hayden displayed in these locations; my heart is warm.   City of Tempe – thank you.


Hayden Road was named after my mother’s father Wilford Hayden.

Here is an excerpt explaining:


Hayden Road is not named after Tempe founding member Charles Hayden. It is after the Wilfred Hayden  family, which lived at Hayden and McDowell roads, according to JoAnn Handley, an employee of the Scottsdale Historical Museum. She’s also a lifelong Scottsdale resident with family roots going back several generations.

Wilfred Hayden was a farmer. “He had alfalfa and grains and things. And mostly what he did was he sold his to the dairy farmers who had dairy cows,” Handley said.

The Wilfred Hayden farm was among just a few in the area in the late 1890s. The family helped create a working community where everyone pitched in with each other’s farm to pick crops. During the depression, many of the farmers lost their property. The Haydens didn’t and lived in the area until the 1960s. Hayden Road starts near the Loop 101 in north Scottsdale and ends, intentionally, on the south end in Tempe.



Here is a little bit more information about my mother’s father (Wilford Hayden)


Two of my favorite projects in which I am involved these days are editing books about my parents – to honor their contributions to our water treatment industry, our business, our community, the field of education, the music industry, the agriculture industry, the economy, and my life.  Please click to view  (simple stories about hardworking and common people):

Book about William Brian Boyett:

Book about Robert Jean Hayden Boyett:

My parents are wonderful people and we are proud to share them with you.

We are calling these ‘living historical documents; to honor our VIPs’.  You can do the same.  You should do the same.  You can post pictures and write stories around your famous and favorite pictures.  This technique can be performed very effectively in a Word document.  I will be happy to teach you this skill.  We are offering our customers this:  we will publish your work in our e library.  There is no charge for this service.

The other project in which I am developing is this: I am learning to build and design web pages.  We think this is important for our business to keep our advertising costs low and to disseminate our product information to our customers fast (on the internet).  Each one of our water treatment web pages will contain electronic libraries and free documents to read with content honoring my parent’s history and legacies.

The person whom is my coach is Rob Star of In Home Computer Repair. You can view his contact information here:

Rob Star is an unselfish person and will be willing to help you with all your home or business computer needs. Just give him a call for a quote.

Thank you for your trust, loyalty and continued patronage.

Coming soon……..

I will be telling you about the man that helped proliferate the Rayne Water Conditioning concept and brand.  His name was David Nancarrow.  I’m looking forward to telling you this story, because he was a great man.

He also started several restaurant chains.  One of the restaurant chains he started is named Carrow’s (; ).   I was fortunate to meet this man one time.  I have had the pleasure of working with both of his sons throughout my career.  David Nancarrow Jr owns a Rayne Water dealership ‘Rayne of Santa Barbara’.

Another restaurant chain that David Nancarrow began is The Elephant Bar restaurant (  David Nancarrow was a consummate entrepreneur.

 In 2001 our Rayne dealership was fortunate to receive the David G Nancarrow memorial award.

This award was presented to our organization for outstanding service, achievement, dedication and commitment to the principles of excellence in the water treatment industry.  This was a good day for us.   This plaque hangs in our office lobby.

030218 4:48 PM

They say behind every great man is a good woman.  That woman was DeEtta Marie Nancarrow.  I was fortunate to meet this fine woman.  Respectfully,  I post this information about this great lady:


DeEtta Marie Nancarrow, 87, DeEtta was born on May 6, 1925, in Glendale, California, to Ernest and Hattie Jacobs. She graduated from Glendale High School in 1943. She became a Pan Am flight attendant which took her all over the world. It ignited her passion for travel, and she developed life long friendships.

In 1950, DeEtta married her next-door neighbor, David Nancarrow. They moved to Santa Barbara where they raised their four children: Chris, David Jr., Janet, and Greg. She supported her husband in the development of Rayne Water Conditioning, and the Carrows, Jeremiah’s Steak House and the Elephant Bar restaurant chains.

I am amazed at how much David G Nancarrow and DeEtta Nancarrow accomplished together in life.


09.09.17 11:16 PM

Rayne was established by a great man named Ray N. Eddy (Ray-N-E).  Ray N Eddy is the founder of Rayne Water Conditioning and he was David G Nancarrow’s uncle.  I am very grateful to this man.  I have lived my life surrounded by his name; promoting his ideas and ideals.   This is an image of Ray N Eddy.

According to a Rayne Water Conditioning sales folder:  In 1928 Ray N. Eddy began the assembly and sale of Residential and Commercial Water Softeners in Southern California.  In 1954, Rayne incorporated and created a National Dealer Franchise Organization with three goals:

  1. Build Quality Products to last
  2. Provide Quality Customer Service
  3. Develop Good Will under the Rayne name

Throughout my life and Rayne career I have met some fine characters because of our membership in this cadre of fine people.  A smart man who I met and was honored to visit his Rayne dealership is Bill Ferguson.  This is an excerpt I found in one of our trade publications honoring his contribution to the Pacific Water Quality Association.

1985-86 brought Bill Ferguson to the forefront as President. He mentions the brine discharge problems of today as being the same as those 40 years ago. A little like the movie “Ground Hog Day” he says! He recalls his year as President as proving value to members and the public. PWQA established a toll free hot line and enhanced the Public Relations program to address customer and member concerns. Press conferences were held throughout the State. He goes on to say that it is fortunate that history shows these events we dealt with created little apostasy with regards to our products from the consumer standpoint. He credits PWQA for actions and ongoing resourcefulness to both members and the public in the recognition of our products and services. Bill went on to serve on the WQA Board of Directors.

Bill Ferguson’s wife is the sister of one of our great Rayne dealers.

This is an image of the Rayne dealership which Bill Ferguson owned for a time (location: 4635 Ruffner St, San Diego, CA 92111).

Here is an image of Bill Ferguson’s fleet of Rayne trucks when he ran this company:


Any Rayne Water Conditioning dealer would be so proud to have such a fine looking fleet of vehicles.  Our dealership goal is to have such a fine looking fleet.

The Rayne Corporate offices were established in Ventura California for a time.  Here is an image of the offices of Rayne of Ventura California:

I was fortunate to attend a Rayne route training session at this location (conducted by Steve Hamblet – currently the General Manager of Rayne of San Jose,  California).  I also attended a Rayne conference at this office.  At the Rayne convention; the mixer was held in the portable exchange plant.  I was impressed with the cleanliness and organization of their operation.  The beverage bar for this event was in the back of a Rayne service and installation truck with the bar tender handing drinks from the bed over the utility boxes to each person.  These days I would have ordered a tonic water.

The Rayne Corporate offices are no longer here, but there is a very established Rayne Water Conditioning dealership that continues to operate from this location today: 3775 Market St, Ventura, CA 93003.

In the Rayne sales manual is an image that shows the facility where the Rayne Water Conditioning portable exchange tanks are made:


This is an image of a portable exchange tank factory where the tanks are processed and filled:


Any Rayne dealership would be proud to have such a clean and established infrastructure.  Our dealership goal is to have a factory that is such a photo opportunity.  As the saying goes: we are who are our friends and associates.  I am so grateful to the fine Rayne dealers who have taught, consulted with me and those whom I am fortunate to collaborate today.  I am lucky to have this opportunity to be a Rayne Water Conditioning dealer.

When you invest in our company; you invest in our great people like Troy. We feel that when you are buying our services and products that you are buying our incredible team. You will not be disappointed. Troy will make sure of this.  We also provide Purified Water to Cave Creek Arizona.

Our Mission is to be the best water treatment company in the United States by providing exceptional customer service and exceptional products and services that exceed our client’s expectations. It is our goal to provide a safe working environment with the best tools to facilitate our work. Our company is committed to following the Water Quality Associations code of ethics; working with our co-workers and clients honorably and with the highest degree of respect and integrity. We are proud that we work drug free. Commercial Water Softeners Phoenix Arizona.


P.S. Our satisfied commercial customers include : Apria Health Care,  Saba’s Western Wear,  McDonalds (Mesa, AZ), T.W Lewis Homes, Matta’s Mexican Food Restaurant, pomegranate cafe, Bold Roost Espresso Bar and Cafe, RigaTony’s Authentic Italian Restaurant, Henhouse Cafe, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Turbo Resources,  Superior Silica, Egan Electric, In Home Computer Repair,  Coach Works Automotive repair facility,  McCall’s Air Conditioning and Heating,  Johansen Dental  Howard’s Garage and many more. – Contact Us For More Information