Why Rent a Water Heater from Boyett?ppp

When you rent a Water Heater from Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning you get the “PPP” Guarantee!

That’s our Proactive Planned Protection. Water heaters can come with some unpleasant surprises, especially if they’re not regularly maintained. That’s where our Proactive Planned Protection (PPP) comes in to save the day!

If not properly maintained, water heaters can leak, cause floods, fires and even explode. These situations only lead to one thing, costly damage. Take the worry out of water heating!wh2

When You Rent a Water Heater from Us, You Get:

  • A Yearly Quality Inspection
  • Professional Installation with a Drip Pan & Flow Route
  • Full Replacement Every 5 Years
  • No Charge Incidental Maintenance

Yearly Quality Inspection
Don’t wake up to a cold shower! Our Yearly Quality Inspection will ensure optimum performance of the water heater. We don’t just make sure it’s running. With our thorough inspection, we will also attend to any and all required maintenance to ensure safety and problem-free operation.

Professional Installation
Each water heater we install comes with our leak prevention technology. You will never have to worry if the water heater leaks.  We place a tin pan under the water heater.  This pan will catch any leaking water.  We connect a ¾ PVC pipe and run this line outside.  With our leak prevention technology – if your hot water heater does leak the water will be diverted away from your home.

Full Replacement Every 5 Years
Water heaters on average last 5 years. We recommend that the water heater be replaced before the water heater stops producing hot water. With our rental program, you will never have to worry about replacement because we take care of it for you!

No Charge Maintenance!
If there’s a problem, give us a call! Maintenance is included with your rental.

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Hot Water with Our “PPP” Guarantee!