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marcsmThis fantastic new system is perfect for coffee houses, restaurants, healthcare centers, fitness centers and any place with high demand for good water – fast!

The high capacity tanks allow for faster production and delivery!

Here’s a Testimonial from One of Our Satisfied Customers:

“The fact of the matter is that I really don’t have too much to say, and that’s a good thing. My coffee shop has been in a pinch with their water filtration for 2 years now, trying to find the right solution. I called Boyett’s about their rental equipment and they told me everything I needed to know, a quote, and an installation date in five minutes. The installer came out installing both of the systems in both businesses. He recommended we install a higher flow membrane on site, and did it for us. None of his recommendations were over the top. He installed the ability to upgrade the water system, because he noticed our ice machine may create an issue. Sure enough, that Monday…..we needed to increase the tank. With prices low enough, it’s affordable to increase the tank, and his advice was sound, but he did not recommend anything over the top. Overall, renting from Boyett’s will save you money. We probably would forget to do our maintenance. We probably wouldn’t have the expertise, or the professionalism of these guys. With a company this good it’s hard to go wrong!”

Sam.  Owner of Lo-Fi Coffee, Mesa  and Phoenix AZ

slimlinerotanksSlim Line RO is good for Business! 

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This is a Slim Line RO unit that Marco recently built for an aerospace engineering company. I call it our American series. 

slim line 1

slim line 2

This Slim Line commercial reverse osmosis is placed at the front of this cart (shown below) to help perform a pure water process – utilized in the manufacturing and servicing thier aerospace engineering equipment.

slim line 3

All of our equipment is built specifically for each customer’s needs. This unit was built to provide high purity water for this mobile cart. This configuration allows our customer to transport high purity water around their factory.



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