Customer Comments and Testimonials

Customer Comments and Testimonials

If you are a Boyett’s Rayne Water Conditioning customer and would like to add a testimonial to this page, please use the ‘contact us’ link and send us your comments. Please feel free to blog us on this web page (the blog tab is located at the top of this page). We will never use last names on the website. Thank you for your valuable input!


In 1970 one of your Route Technicians stopped and helped me when I was involved in a car accident.  Your driver stopped and offered help.  This is why I chose your company.  I have always been so happy with your company.  When my Kenmore water softener finally broke you are the first company I called.

Opal B.
Acct # 63339




I have enjoyed Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis service for over 30 years.  We install Rayne products on every home we build.  All of our customers have been very satisfied with Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis systems.  They have very skilled technicians whom take pride in their work.  Their prices are very fair.  They have had the same phone number for over 45 years.  They give service after the sale.

Pat Nash,  President of Naspek Home Builders
Customer since 1965.  Acct # 37465




I have been so happy with your company.  I could never find a bad word to say about anything you do.  You have done well.  All of your technicians and representatives are so helpful and friendly.  I recommend you to all my neighbors.

Gene M. Acct # 155945
Customer since November, 2006



I’m so happy that I found you on line.  I am a new customer.  I have been very impressed with the initial contact, the new installation and the quality of your equipment and service.  You have a great staff.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to recommending you to all my friends and family.

Angela F. Acct # 178574
Customer since April, 2009



I left but I came back.  I signed up for the soft water delivery service in 1972 when Brian Boyett was first knocking on doors in our area.  Brian Boyett did not live very far from my house in Tempe.  After many different water softeners (including Sears €˜Kenmore brand€™ water softeners) I have decided the rental soft water delivery program will be the most economical and dependable for me at this juncture.  I€™m glad you are still in business. 

Acct # 179622
Return Customer 37 years




It’s been a great 25 years. Everybody that has come to the house over the last 25 years has been really nice. I have bought both the water softener and reverse osmosis units from you.  There has been some mechanical issues with the units, but you have made it right and taken care of the problem.

Acct # 72926
Customer for 25 years



My first experience with your company has been great.  I found you in the yellow pages.  My skin was very dry with white flakes.  A week of using soft water the flakes disappeared. I do not have to use lotion any longer.    The gentleman that you sent out – my husband really liked him.  He was efficient and very informative.

Account  # 179242
customer since May 22, 2009




Industries Best
The resin tank was just returned and we’re happy to have soft water again. Your generosity is very much appreciated – both for this service and for previous help that you have provided. Thank you for being one of the industry’s best people. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I hope it continues.

Dave P
Acct #159889
Rayne Client since April 5, 2000



Brett did a great job at my house.

Abdul D.
Acct # 123547
Customer since May 24, 2004



Nice Technicians!
Your Technicians are so nice. – Angel was the Technician whom visited July 21, 2009.

Drinda F.
Acct # 163881
Customer since June 4, 2007




To the Boyett Family,
I’m writing this note to let you know that the Serviceman that came to our home today did a great job.  My husband was quite pleased and said so several times.  He commented on how neat and professional the job was done.  He also fixed the battery wire on the water softener without us asking.  So thank you again Tom for your very proficient work.
Donna and Tom H.

Client since August 26, 1999
Account # 76000


I wouldn’t be without them.  Having the rental RO service does a great job protecting my refrigerator.  I do not have any sediment build up on the refrigerator and the water tastes delicious.  Same thing for the rental soft water exchange tank €“ I do not get any build up on the appliances.  We also had you install a hot water recirculating pump which we love.  You are a very green and environmentally friendly company.  You take great efforts to save on water and salt.  I heard that the hot water recirculating pump can save as much as 15,000 gallons each year for every family.  Wow €“ that is really helping our environment. Thank you for your great service. 

Account # 143792
Customer since December 6, 2005




You are the best people I’ve dealt with lately.  I€™ve been with you for 3 years. I have never had any problems.  The deliveries have always been right on time.  When Tempe water changed I noticed the tank wasn€™t lasting like it should and you came right out to help find a solution to the problem.  I have been very happy with the solution.  You have always been great at helping me come up with cost effective solutions.   You have always found cost effective solutions to solve my problems. 

Account # 80952
Customer since January 21, 2000




When I called – Troy was patiently telling me how a water softener works.  The reason I chose Boyett€™s is because you were the only company that did not call and bug me when I moved into my first home.  Especially when I finally talked to Troy about it €“ Troy gave me the information and said, €œlet me know€ (he did not keep calling and bugging me).  Troy installed our first unit Jan 1988.  I just stopped by your office today and had a great experience purchasing my filters.  I referred you to my son.  My son has installed equipment from Boyett€™s.  I have also referred other people to Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning.  I had the two canister system in the old house.  I really liked it, but I upgraded to the Water Factory RO system and am really happy.  I am an airline pilot.  I have a very hectic work schedule.  Whenever I need water issues resolved Troy takes good care of me.

Account #149666
Customer since Jan 1988



I can’t remember the name of the installer.  He did such a great job installing the two filters.  He put it out of the way and then walked me through how to change the filters.  I just came in your office today and purchased my fresh filters (for the year).  You gave me a cold bottle of water on the way out.  I am a happy customer.

Donald from Mesa
Customer since August 22, 2008
Acct # 73674




Try to beat them!

You can’t beat that kind of service. Basically when we bought our home we realized we needed water softening.  We searched the internet for different providers and found Boyett€™s Rayne was the best choice.   Since having the soft water and RO units installed, Boyett€™s have been there consistently to provide filter service and advice for all of our soft water needs.  I was just in the office today to change out the brine tank (because it developed a leak).  Boyett€™s provided a replacement at no cost and advised me how to change it out myself because I chose to do so.

Ed and Terry
Customer since January 2, 2001
Acct # 5710




I was surprised after all these years you are still there.  We had the rental soft water exchange tank service all through the 80€™s.  We got away from the exchange service when we purchased a home which had a fully automatic water softener.  When we moved into our new home we got you back.  When we searched you out we were happy you still had the same phone number (and were in the same location).  Now we are at a new home and I figured why go with anyone else since you have done such a great job.   Our previous home was in Chandler and our new home is in Queen Creek.  We are also happy that you provide rental soft water exchange tank service in this area.

Customer since the 80s
Acct # 172353




Best water in town.

Excellent service.  The prices are good.  I don€™t have to buy water anymore.  The water is so good I love it.  I rent the RO unit so I don€™t have to worry about the maintenance.  They even put a leak controller on at no charge.  Boyett€™s come out and change the unit every year.  I get a new unit every year and don€™t have to pay for it €“ how cool is that?  Yes they are pretty cool.  You should call them too.

Mrs. Robert H
Customer since July 21, 2004
Acct # 125302




Renting is a lot better

I have been renting my soft water and reverse osmosis units for several years.   I wondered if renting is better than buying.  Now I know.  My mother has had nothing but problems with her units which she purchased at the discount store.  Now I called you to install your equipment at my mother€™s house.  You have always done such a great job at my house €“ I€™m sure you will take good care of mom.  I have been renting my water softener and reverse osmosis

Cheyene A.
Customer since June 1, 2001
Acct # 85548




The Rogers are long time customers and we are going to stay that way for a long time to come. I called to cancel our service today (because finances are becoming tight).  The Boyett Family made my account balance zero and gave us a lower rate for the next several months.  We are very happy.  Thank you for the help.  You are the only company I know to do this.

Mr. Rogers
Customer since November 13, 2002
Acct # 100420




Service at its best

I have been a customer of Boyett€™s since July 22, 2003.  It is time to have our rental water softener switched out.  You are also going to install a rental Reverse Osmosis unit at our home.  You were nice enough to move up our installation schedule 1 week because we also need you to install a hot water heater;  Just another sign that we have been working with the right company all these years.

Fred S. from Tempe AZ
Client # 115212




You charge such a small fee for what you do

I was laid off of my part time job.  I am on social security and have a pension as well.  You were so nice to give me a reprieve for a couple of months.  You gave me a lower rate on my rental soft water portable exchange tank delivery service.  I am very grateful for your generosity. Here are some benefits I have noticed by utilizing your service: Mirrors and shower doors and faucets stay shiny, no corrosion or mineral build up,  Saves pipes in the house and gives me more enjoyable quality water for bathing and shampooing.  Body does not feel as dry and you don€™t feel like you are getting hit with rocks in the shower.  Here are a couple words about the service I have received: Timely, efficient and courteous.  I don€™t usually have contact with the service man.  There is a lady who frequently answers the phone; courteous and responsive to my needs.

Ottie C.
Client # 143164
Client since November 17, 2005




Dear Mr. Phillips,

On 13 July 2000, I purchased a Rayne RXD-1500 Deluxe Water Softener System from your company.  Since I have been doing business with the Boyett Family for over 30 years – you were my obvious choice.  Since I figured almost anything you purchase will at least work for the first year, I would wait 2 years and let your company know €œhow it goes€.

Well, 2 years have passed and it works like day one!  Since this is my first system that regenerates on demand I have found out that with my other mechanical systems I was regenerating approximately every 3 days and this new system only regenerates every €œ19€ days!!  I have only used three bags of salt since last October which is a large savings over an extended period of time.

My largest savings however is directly due to the digital readout of the softener that allows ME TO TRACK MY MONTHLY USEAGE IN ACTUAL GALLONS.  By using this information I appealed the charges on my water bill to the city of Mesa and had my sewer charge reduced from $28.49 to $8.32 a month in April 2001.  Since the only water that went into the sewer system came from the house my Rayne Softener showed to the gallon the amount that actually went into the sewer system.  In the past 15 months this has been a direct savings of $302.55 to me.  The cost of the system should pay for itself in 7.8 years from date of purchase.  This point is brought up so you can inform prospective customers of an added incentive to have really decent water to use every day.  I miss my softener every time I go on vacation and have to endure hard water showers etc.

Thank you for your services over the past 30 years and I look forward to doing business again.

My son was going to buy a water softener for $5,000.00 from a scam company.  This company advertised that their unit did not use any salt.  I encouraged my son to discuss the water softener topic with you and you have taken good care of him as well.

Ralph R.
Account # 71688
Client since August 27, 1986




You are a compassionate company

I was a customer before I was married to my current husband.  I made him get the soft water service.  We just had our air conditioning unit go out.  I called to cancel our soft water service because of financial problems.  You told me that Boyett€™s Rayne Water Conditioning would not exist without great clients (like us).  You offered to reduce our rate to $10/mo for several months.  Thank you for your generosity.

Susan of Queen Creek AZ
Acct # 172262
Client for many years



One of the BEST kept SECRETS IN Arizona

I stopped by your office yesterday to purchase a membrane and post filter for our reverse osmosis system.  You were so kind to offer to install the membrane at no charge.  You even sanitized the membrane housing for me.  Thank you for your generosity.

Larry W of Tempe AZ
Acct # 185264
Customer since September 28, 2009
If you keep treating like this you will be stuck with me for many years




Angel is our delivery driver and we really like him.

Elizabeth G.
Acct #149880
Client since May 10, 2006


The young man Brett who installed my rental reverse osmosis unit was very exceptional.  I am a widow and live by myself.  I wish all servicemen were as accommodating.

Christine M
Acct #96073
Client since September 15, 2009




Many compliments

To your Route Technicians.  All of your Technicians are so nice.

Drinda F.
Acct #163881
Client since June 4, 2007




Hi Boyett’s
I just wanted to give kudos to your employee Tom.  He did an awesome job yesterday and was extremely professional.  Thanks for sending him!

Lisa N.
Acct # 109710
Client since January 24, 2003




Satisfied customers:

LA Fitness, Mountain Side Fitness, Dr. Ray €“ Ray Chiropractic, Kokopelli Bakery,  Arizona Department of Transportation, Falcon Field Control Tower,  Gold Canyon Resort, Avnet, Ford Financial,  Brunchies Restaurant in Chandler,  Apache Junction Fire Department, Boeing Helicopter Plant, Benson System, MGI Electronics, Banner Health Care, Lavita Massage, McDonalds, Denny€™s, Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Meldrum Mortuary, Mesa AZ,  Matta€™s Mexican Restaurant, Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants, US Food, Nello’s Pizza, Commercial Properties



“Dear Mr. Boyett,
I would like to ensure that you are aware of the excellent service I’ve received from your company over the years. Especially last month, when my 13-year-old unit with a life expectancy of 12-13 years, gave up the ghost. Teresa has to be the most professional and friendliest first-contact person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I don’t know how she does it, but she always answers the phone on the first ring.

Troy was very thorough in his explanation of the resin-failure problem I had and took extra time to make sure that I had completely purged my water system of all the crystals released into it. He was very patient in answering my questions, and explaining my options. Wouldn’t you know it, the day before my rental unit was to be installed, the bypass gasket began to leak.

Juan made an extra trip to my home and replaced the unit within an hour of my phone call. I was very pleased with Brett’s installation on 7/24/08. He was prompt, and very courteous. In short, you have a great crew. Depending on when and if my house sells, and if I stay in the area, you can be assured of my future patronage. I would recommend your firm anytime.”

– Gratefully, Glenn R. K. Jr. Tempe, Arizona


“My family and I have really appreciated the Boyett Family’s efficient service. We received a water softener and reverse osmosis systerm only 2 days after contacting the company. The installers arrived on time and were friendly and professional. In the past few months we have made numerous improvements to our home and the Boyett Family’s company has been the most reliable. Thank you!”

– Denis Brewer – New Customer


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you have done and the excellent service you have provided to S.W. Communities. It has been a pleasure to work with your entire staff at Boyett’s.

During the past year, we have experienced a market unlike any I have seen in the past and through these difficult times you have been able to meet all of your dates and provide quality work at the same time. Under current conditions, this is quite an accomplishment. We are proud to have you as a trade partner and look forward to many more years of working with you and your company”

– S.W. Communities, Billy L., President, Homebuilder Trade Partner since 2004


“The Boyett Family has done a wonderful job installing Rayne Whole House Water Conditioners and Reverse Osmosis units for our homebuyers throughout the valley”

– T.W. Lewis, Kay, VP/Design Center Manager, Homebuilder Trade Partner since 1997


“In October, 2005 we had to buy a new washer. The old one was 18 years old. The appliance installer asked how we got our appliances to last 18 years. We told him that we had Boyett’s soft water installed when we built the home and the soft water obviously had served us well”

– Tom E, Mesa – valued customer since 1987


“Back in May/June 2005, I decided to get my 13-year old water softener up to “snuff”. It took a while, including various trips and telephone calls performed by various employees. Truly, your customer service is, on a scale of 1-10, a 10!

I could go into detail, but you know from your records who came to my home and what service they provided. This includes, however, the staff that smiled and helped me every time I walked into the office with yet another water sample for testing! Thanks! The water softener works better than ever!”

– Georgia M, Mesa – valued customer since 1992


“In July, 2002, I purchased a Rayne RXD-1500 Deluxe Water Softener system from your company. Since I have been doing business with the Boyett Family for over 30 years, you were my obvious choice. This is my first system that regenerates on demand.

I have found out that with my other mechanical systems I was regenerating approximately every 3 days and this new system only regenerates every 19 days!!!! I have only used three bags of salt since last October which is a large savings over an extended period of time.

My largest savings, however, is directly due to the digital readout of the softener that allows me to track my monthly usage in actual gallons…

This point is brought up so you can inform prospective customers of an added incentive to have really decent water to use every day. I miss my softener every time I go on vacation and have to endure hard water showers, etc. Thank you for your services over the past 30 years and I look forward to doing business again”

– Ralph R, Mesa – valued customer since 1972


“My pool has been installed for less than a year and I have found that I can maintain the hardness at the appropriate level by initially filling the pool with hard water and adding approximately 1,000 gallons of Rayne soft water to replenish the water used when back-washing the pool filter”

– Bill P, Gilbert – valued customer since 1996


“A great experience from the first day we switched to Boyett’s…wish we had done it years sooner. This company exceeds customer expectation. Thank you!!!”

– Dallas H., Apache Junction – valued customer since 2004


Thank you for 40 years of your trust!!!

– The Boyett Family (Brian, Roberta, Hayden, and Katrina)


“Hayden – I just wanted to drop a line to you complimenting your company and crew. I’ve never had a company treat me so well. You originally knocked on my door in December of 2000 and we rented from you for three years, and finally purchased our water systems from you in 2003.

When we had any problems, you were right there, same day. My husband and I were kind of skeptical when we first set up our monthly service with you, when someone would come into our garage once a month to change out the cylinders, but there were never any problems which I think speaks highly of your crew.

I’ve had service people from your company come out here a couple of times, and each time they have been very courteous and they take the time to explain everything to me. You have a great bunch of people working for you and I want to take the time to say thank you for all the great service.”

– Keri R., Mesa – valued customer since 2000


“Hi Hayden, I received your voice-mail yesterday evening and wanted to get back with you. The service technician came to our house as scheduled and installed the water softener. The installation went well and the tech was very easy to communicate with. He did a very good job. The water quality in the house is very good. Thank you for following up with the installation”

– Thomas L., Tempe – valued customer since 2005


“Can I pay on line? You have a great web site, but I did not see where I can make my payment on line. This is something I have recently started doing with all payments, a really great customer service feature. I am at work early and often stay late, the convenience of pay on line is a big plus, I can be on time with payments much easier.

Often when getting home from 7-8 pm writing out checks is the last thing in the world I want to do and have time to do. Just a suggestion, I will send in my payment this month.”

– Sal B., Gilbert – valued customer since 2003


Thank you to all our customers who have suggested online bill payment. As of June, 2005, we are pleased to offer this free, optional payment method using a credit card, checking, or savings account. We want to provide you with continuous improvement and we encourage your recommendations.

– Katrina Boyett


“We have enjoyed the benefits of soft water (provided by Boyett’s) since May of 2003. Recently I discovered another great application for our soft water that adds even more value to the service. I added a simple garden valve to the output of the tank in our garage.

We now use soft water to wash our vehicles and the difference is easily recognized. We no longer have water spots on the windows or paint. This is valuable to us since our cars represent a significant investment.

Also, I would like to compliment you on your recent billing upgrade. I feel that the new format is easier to understand. We pay for our service 6 months at a time and the new billing makes that much easier to track.”

– Steve L., Higley – valued customer since 2003


“I have been renting a RO system from you for the past two years. We are building a new home that will come pre-plumbed for a soft water system. What do you charge a month to rent both systems? And to move my present system to the new location. This house will not be done until after January, but we would like the new system installed as soon after move-in as we can.. We are very happy with your service.”

– Mike G., Queen Creek – valued customer since 2003


Thank you for the opportunity to provide excellent service in your current home AND your new home!

– Hayden Boyett


“I resisted installing a water softener for my wife because I felt we were doing fine without one. After trying soft water, I personally would not be without it. Soft water gives me a cleaner more refreshing shower and shampoo than city water ever could!”

– Bob R., Mesa – valued customer since 1994


Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning installed a new salt free water conditioner in my home (Filtersorb SP3).
I had done my research as to what type of water conditioner I wanted installed in my home. It had to provide good tasting, odor free water at all faucets, it had to waste no water and reduce/eliminate scale build up in my pipes. I spoke to Brian at Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning and he said they had a new system (Filtersorb SP3)  that was being installed in his home but had not installed anywhere else but if I was willing to try it they would install one in my home. We agreed to a date and it was installed very professionally.
This new water conditioner exceeds all my expectations to date we have great tasting water, no chlorine odor and I am not dumping 100’s of gallons of salt water down the drain.
I highly recommend this water conditioning system and Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning located in Mesa, Arizona.
Mary Reams
TEMPE, AZ 85284



We originally ordered and utilized the Eliminator B100 from Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning. This system worked extremely well and the install was great. When we read of a newer system provided by this company we decided to try it.

The Filtersorb Media reduces the hard water scale but does not provide a true “soft” water experience. It also removes the chlorine and other chemicals from our water for use.
We are pleased with this product. Another great benefit of this system is that it does not use salt or electricity. This system runs with water pressure only.
So now we have the ideal system for us!

Donna Craig
Gilbert, AZ 85298



“We are extremely pleased with this new system (Filtersorb SP3). I didn’t want to say anything too quickly because I wanted to make sure of what I was talking about.

Here is what we noticed so far:

  • the spot residue has left the bathroom faucets – the kitchen faucet is new and is a brushed finish so we can’t count that
  • the build-up of white particles on the hall shower (which Cathy uses everyday) is going away- hurrah!
  • the dishes from the dish washer are sparkling – no spots and we haven’t changed any of the products we used
  • we don’t have to watch weekly for the warning that the softener will run
  • our clothes are feeling softer especially the wash cloths
  • the clothes are also smelling cleaner – we haven’t changed laundry soap

Mom said to me this morning, “Cathy this is how our water used to be years ago and I thought we’d never see this again.”

We are so glad we found you and I (Cathy) have been talking to people I knows who have water softeners. So I’ll keep talking!


I need direction as to what I am to put in the Better Business Bureau information. I want the info to be direct and to the point. Because people usually won’t read too much unless they are serious about finding information.

Your service to us has been priceless and we can’t thank you enough for inventing a quality product.


Cathy Spencer





It is my policy not to publicly endorse companies because of my four decades of being a newspaper reporter. I just don’t want to get into any potential conflicts of interest. I am happy to report that all my water issues have been resolved. The yucky taste and cloudy water are gone.

Thanks for the excellent service.

Betty B (#70870)




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