Our latest creation helping to reduce water waste by a minimum of 82%!

WOW-logoWe have re-engineered the reverse osmosis (and alkalinity reverse osmosis) units to be more efficient.

Working with an industry legend and pioneer Chubb Michaud CSW-VI – we have provided a very important component to decrease water waste by 82% (at least).

This water process is called Water On Water (WOW).

Traditional reverse osmosis units keep the water tank pressure separated from the filtration water pressure. By combining these pressures – using a very special faucet and a connector; this allows us to utilize the waste water to force the effluent water out of the tank and create water pressure synergy.

By using this technique it also keeps water pressure on the membrane; making possible the superior advantage of constant readiness.   That means the membrane works as a muscle. When we exercise our muscles they perform better. By keeping water pressure on the membrane – this is like continuously exercising the membrane.  Therefore, by utilizing this process we are able to achieve higher quality of water even in small quantities.

Traditional R.O. Systems waste up to and even over 11 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of drinking water they produce.

WOW RO is The System That Saves! Saves you time & money. Saves precious finite resources.

With WOW RO you get higher quality water, faster production and refill rates, more storage capacity and faster dispensing. If you’re using 1,000 gallons of drinking water per year with a traditional RO system, your wasting an average of 9,000 gallons per year. WOW RO runs less water, in turn wasting less water and requiring far fewer filter changes and less maintenance. That saves you time and money.

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WOW RO is good for the Environment and your Wallet! 

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WOW RO – The System That Saves!




O to develop a new product.

We are going to walk you through the steps we utilize in developing a new product.

We are currently calling this product the Wow Alk Ro Chill.

When this product is developed we will share with you the numbers we achieve in terms of growth of new rental customers.

It all starts with a cookie trail.

Our cookie trail begins with the suggestion of this customer:


Marina, Honey & Hawkeye


“I would like to think this amazing product was developed for us just because we asked. We already had the reverse osmosis installed and were happy with that, although, my concern about the high acid in our drinking water made me seek a solution. I contacted Hayden and Troy at Boyett Family Rayne Water Company, and their research and development department went into action. To our surprise, at our next service call, Boyett’s installed this calcite filter.


We have had it for 6 months now and have noticed significant health improvements in ourselves and our dogs, which enjoy the water as well. In our case, since the reduction of acid in our water my hip pain has disappeared, which allows me to be more active and lose weight (my size 8’s look great, thanks). Another benefit was when I wore costume jewelry my skin would turn green, this no longer happens.


As for our wonderful pets, we have two 7 year old Beagles— Honey and Hawkeye. As long as I can remember, Hawkeye has always – after drinking water – thrown it up, until now . NO MORE CLEAN UPS, and he is so much more hydrated. Our other dog, Honey,
suffered with hip pain. Since filling her watering station with the Boyett water she no longer limps. The pain is gone, and she runs around like a puppy again! So THANK YOU RAYNE, for all that you do for the health of our family and your GOING GREEN
movement! Honey and Hawkeye thank you too!*


Nov. 9, 2010


Marina Radman is the owner of Coach Works Auto Body, Mesa AZ; coachworksautobody.com; (480) 890-2500; 30 East Vine, Mesa AZ 85210). If you ever need your vehicle painted, a dent removed, a vehicle completely restored (heaven forbid you or any of your family get into an accident or a fender bender) – this company can help you recover your loss and restore your vehicle. This should be your first call if you get into an accident. They will cover your back side.

We installed the Wow Alk RO in her home. She loves it because there is little water waste. She is the customer who brought to us the idea of developing the alk RO (this product now represents 20% of our business).

She asked an important question: Can we provide the WOW (Water on Water 82% water savings on the RO process) to a point of use cooler in her office?

We said – unfortunately, we cannot do it.

This answer was not acceptable to her.

This is our first rendering of the Wow Alk RO ‘for the office’ concept.


wow alk ro chill
So I met with Francisco Juan and I said – we have really got to do this; and this is what he designed:

francisco juan

08.29.14 9:16 AM

Enter Justin Roy.  WWII war hero and owner of Roy’s Sheet Metal.  This man has been in our life for many years.  He received our portable exchange tank soft water service from 04.08.80 to 08.14.06 at his place of business.  He owns a company called Roy’s Sheet Metal.  Justin Roy has had a positive influence on the air conditioning industry by bending vents and other metal to transport cold air into peoples lives.  He has helped us maintain our equipment (on 02.28.06 he fixed our hand truck) over the years.  Whenever we need help with our new inventions he is the first person we see.

justin roy

We search this great man out for help designing products that will improve process, design and save our customers money.  I have asked Justin to design our prototype for our Wow Alk Chill H2O.  As we tell about Justin’s involvement in our lives ‘on this project’; we will also tell you a great story of a WWII hero.  As I understand; his story has not been given proper recognition.  We plan to change this.

090914 3:30 PM

I visited Justin Roy today and he showed me a picture of his war medals.  As I understand one of the medals is a Bronze Star.

The Bronze Star Medal is the fourth-highest individual military award and the ninth-highest by order of precedence in the US Military. It may be awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone. When awarded for acts of heroism, the medal is awarded with the “V” device.

The medal is sometimes referred to as the Bronze Star. Foreign soldiers,[1] as well as officers from the other federal uniformed services are also eligible to receive the decoration when serving with or alongside a service branch of the United States Armed Forces.[2]


roys medals

091514 11:45 PM

This is the picture of Justin Roy and the prototype for the WOW Alk RO Chill.

justin roy 1

Here is the advertising message we will deliver about this great prooduct.

save drink

To help us promote this product ‘within our circle of influence’  we will deliver these coolers with this pad (3.5″X4.25″) adhered to the top of the cooler.  Each pad has 25 pieces of paper with this message.  People who drink water at this cooler will see this pad when they get a drink of water.  We hope they will help us promote our company.  This is one of our advertising programs to reward our customers and help us promote our products and services.  We enjoy rewarding our customers for their good work and great efforts.  Indubitably.



referral pad


wow alk chill 1

wow alk chill 2

This was an important day at Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning.  We connected a WOW Alk Chill to try.  It works great.  Francisco worked with Marco and Troy to connect this unit.  We feel that the water saving feature (82% water savings) combined with the alkalinity reverse osmosis feature will provide an environmentally sustainable and healthy product for offices and businesses.

This product idea came from one of our VIP customer/ vendors and all the ideas and concepts are being developed by our great staff.  We will continue to rely on these processes to perfect and improve all of our products and services to raise the standard of our industry, aggrandize our client relationships and make all of our products more sustainable and affordable.

wow alk chill 3

to be continued…..

This link explains a good reason to use this method of RO water savings:


60 MinutesGlaring Omission On Groundwater Scarcity